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  1. Alright, so my system is still acting up so i still can't post my pkm files yet until i fix my computer. In the meantime, has anyone posted legit starters ESPECIALLY Charmander anywhere in the forums? I've looked but doing it on my phone takes longer, thanks!
  2. Awesome Job Nigoli, Thanks! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!
  3. Awesome! Already got Polywhirl will post up as soon as my computer stops acting up Edit: There we go the two I got so far! Edit 2: I forgot to mention, Eevee is a female Eevee Serious JPC&.pkm Poliwhirl Timid J.pkm
  4. I Have a few that I've been wanting to contribute but work has been brutal and getting use to the software so hopefully I do it right. Just give me a couple hours and I'll post what I got, including an espeon and umbreon but that will be in the other thread Edit: they are from two different games/accounts, american and I only like to use dusk balls straight from dream world non bred. Will post soon....
  5. Its ABOUT time that they let us know when we'd get them, woohoo!
  6. Hopefully Its an Axew, like it was for my japanese version. The other two are just lame.
  7. Do we have to wait until the 5th of May? Edit(1): Nevermind found the answer elsewhere.... Edit(2): By the way I got an Espeon and Umbreon, awesome I'd get another but I would need another game, just might get it before the Victini event is over though....
  8. Yeah I tried it after you said it, and it didn't let me in. the only way I got in was by erasing the browsing history and cookies. I'm good now thanks, that was strange though
  9. well i went through the japanese site, i guess they have locked it for regions outside japan. sucks now i can't access it until it reopens i guess. thanks guested, oh i'msending you a pm in about 5-10 minutes.
  10. So if anyone hasn't noticed the Global Link is now undergoing changes for the release of pokemon black/ white around the globe. It is now in multiple languages and accepting new sign ups in there respective languages. Who knows if those with access to the japanese version are affected only outside of Japan or those in or around japan can still access it. If anyone knows anything from within japan that would be great. Also does anyone know anything about a possible pokemon labirynth for the new releases?
  11. I wonder if they'll have a pokemon labyrinth like they did for the Japanese version. Has anybody heard anything about this being possible? Or have I been away from the news too long?
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