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Pokemon Labyrinth - PGL - B&W - Eeveelutions event


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I think it's based on how quickly you get done with a maze, not on how many Pokemon you encounter. I've encountered most of the legendary Pokemon only if I got out of the maze fairly quickly.

That's what I thought at first, but I edited it out of my post.

Anyways, today you get to find out what eeveelution you get, and I got... A Flareon!

It may because I chose Vulpix or because I had a Flareon on my team, though I used to have both Espeon and Flareon on my team, however I gave Espeon the boot to make way for Pikachu. I would back up my Pokemon Black .sav, but it appears that Guested got a Flareon, too.

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I got Umbreon, well most likely coz I choose Poochyena as my starter (or having Umbreon in my party, almost all dark pokemon, and have the most dark crystal).. So we can sync the Eeveelution to at most 2 games right? 1 black and 1 white? I'm planning to import one of them, so i might upload one of them..

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I got Glaceon! It seems like we got all of them together, not?

I can dump saves but I don't have wifi at the moment so I'm not fully sure if I can pick it up myself. If necessary I can give my log in data to someone to pick it up for me.


It's coming together, but we don't really have all of them covered yet. A lot of the people who have posted have not said whether they can/will contribute their saves.

If you don't have wi-fi access by October, I can help you out. I could even sync your sav file to the Daisuki Club account for you, if you wanted (for future use).

Once it's confirmed that B/W works with NDS Adaptor Plus then I will buy it and dump as much as I can to the community. I've already got NDS Adaptor and holding out before buying the Plus

For reference, the Plus works with HGSS (I can personally vouch), so IR won't be a compatibility problem. And most people I've talked to believe the Plus also works with DSi enhanced games.

Even if it isn't compatible for whatever reason, it can be updated to work with a firmware update (they've already released at least one update/compatibility fix so far).

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If you read any of the several posts where I explained this, a flash cart is fine. In fact, it is MUCH easier to access your sav file with a flash cart than it is with a retail cart.

You should have no problem contributing if you only have a flash cart.

(This is based on an assumption that flash carts will work with the PGL)

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i'm well aware of that but the problem of flash cards is that will there be a nds file for black and white, will they freeze like gold and silver, and will there even be anyone or any programs that can edit the new savs and that all has to be done with in the next month (at least so we can get victini too haha)

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As I've said many times, even if there is no software to edit the sav files, we can still extract the needed data (due to awesome smartguys like the above-posted Nigoli!).

This is why we ask that you submit your entire sav file.

As for flash cart compatibility issues, this will most likely be fixed quickly, as HGSS was.

The event doesn't begin until October 1st, so that's roughly half a month.

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the pokemon i was chosen for was umbreon. this comfirms the fact that it depends on your stater since i chose poocheyna and did nothing and i got umbreon. i sadly i'm no getting black or white for japan but for english yes. if anyone wants the umbreon just message me

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Hello anyone who played this.

If you:

don't have confidence with your ability to backup your sav file,

or won't get the Japanese game,

or don't think you can navigate the Japanese site

(or just can't be bothered to do any of this),

I can do it all for you if you are willing to send me your Daisuki Club signin information.

I'll also push for you to get an Event Contributor badge for the forums.

Contact me by PM if you are interested.

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I have to go to work, but I'll be home in about 12 hours and write up a guide if no one else has.

(I'll also let you know about NDS Adapter Plus then)

Two users comtributed their login info to me, so I will be picking up Espeon and Leafeon (as long as they don't use those accounts to link to BW in the meantime).

BUT, if you still wanted to contribute your login info to me (for Vaporeon), be sure to create a new, separate account for playing around with in the meantime. :)

That goes for ALL of the users who have sent me login info. PLEASE DO NOT use those accounts anymore. If you sync them to your BW game, I may not be able to, thus defeating the purpose, and we may lose those eeveelutions.

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I've just arrived home with my game and have skimmed the instruction manual.

Regarding PGL:

You use your Daisuki Club login info and a "Game Sync ID Code" from your BW game to link the two together.

You can only link one of each Black and White games to one Daisuki Club account.

Once you have synced a game to your Daisuki Club account, you cannot change it!

So, once again, if you have given me your Daisuki Club account info Please do not sync your Black or White game to it, or I will be unable to access it and extract the event pokemon.

Thanks everyone.

I'll put more info up here about the PGL once I've gotten there and tried it.

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