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  1. Please, for the love of arceus, if you do this do not spread them around. so far in 8 years i haven't seen any other floating around and i'm pretty sure if there is it would be faked. Only 2/5 of the kids were willing to trade the goruchans and even then it took a lot of convincing and a lot of time finding translators to convince the kids.
  2. When I went to WOLRDS09 i saw Gorugo of pokemon sunday (guy wih the hitler/chaplin mustache) going around and trading people from different countries. I managed to get 2 of the pokemon he traded while i was in line for autographs. they arent real events like the others in the collection but at the time they were valued equal if not more than the fan club gts. I'm not sure how many he gave out but I know on that day he gave out at least 5 because he was only looking for people from specific countries. like how the piplup was from a kid who traveled from france and the magnezone was given to a kid from spain. though if you plan on looking for more just give up searching already haha. he didn't seem like he wanted to trade anyone who was over 13 haha
  3. @ReignOfComputer it's all good. I attached it so everyone else can enjoy. I have a feeling you may not want to add all of them especially with 300 just from korea hahaha.
  4. [ATTACH]13357[/ATTACH] Edit: @ReignOfComputer completely forgot i could just do this
  5. yes i do...... assholes took my goruchans spread them all around and banned after i was the one who drove 2 hours to san diego to get weavile and the goruchans for them. by the way i still have all my gen 4 event files that were legit checked by my old trading partner DannyBo1 (not sure if you know that name) if you want them. i think i have around like 3000 though, used to do some wonder card farming.
  6. i saw a few people on forums like neoseeker trading it. i would have participated myself if i had a japanese 3ds.
  7. i had the same issue, it was fixed by openng the file using 7zip and renaming the wonder cards. wc6 99-102.zip
  8. i keep getting "Communication Error" when trying to export my save. never had this problem and i'm still on 9.5.0-22u. i've checked to make sure the links are still the same and have also downloaded the .bin files again as well. is anyone else having this issue?
  9. the pokemon is usually in the logo for worlds. my prediction is that it's going to be Braviary because of the theme and i think it might be jolly or careful. I'm really hoping for a Bold Xatu with magic bounce instead
  10. the cloyster link doesn't work for me all i get is ³����������@��M^í�[��ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ����{œ in a new window
  11. when you download them from the Event Gallery they are fine but for some reason on the forum post nigoli put 5 dragonites
  12. Has the Union room bug been fixed? i can use the pokestation patch to trade but i like to have the japanese names.
  13. I'm having trouble in the wireless room. when i try to battle or trade with my friend all that comes up in the speech box is 'Cancel' and then the speech box goes blank and i cant do anything. I'm using v4 kana on acecard 2i 1.9
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