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  1. Because Nintendo are slow and stubborn. Because Nintendo are...well, I dunno, why they can't just do that. Anyway, good luck on the translation, but IMO once you know what the moves look like and you remember you own moves then it should be fairly easy, although most other lines of text inbetween battle may perk up curiosity as to what it says so, yeah. Keep going!
  2. It seems the majority, if not all depends on your starter. Quite devious IMO.
  3. I chose cherubi and I got Leafeon =o I maxed out jolteon's stats and used that pokemon as the main traveler. (2450m in that special area) I had all eevee's in my party apart from Umbreon. And I saw every pokemon and I somehow scraped 2000 points, i kinda left it at that Now the question is, how to retrieve it in your black and white game
  4. New codes: 1951, 5532, 3245, 9799. If you're low on any stones, now's your last chance. I've got less than 30 to see on this game.
  5. EDIT: I decided to bring Espeon back. And I think i've gathered what the black beans do.
  6. Oh =[ Well i'm sure it'll work for you again. Ah ok, well just in case for some off chance it could be based on my team, i'll stick with the stragety of keeping the eeveelutions (also their health bar is rising so i'm in no position to change them) and with that in mind, i'll use that towards my score level also.
  7. Yeah I had that once, I closed the tab and opened a new one with the same link and it worked. EDIT: Found Umbreon and replaced it with Espeon. BTW do I HAVE to keep these eeveelutions on my team, what if i run out on water bottles then that will mean i'll have to start befriending random pokémon just to reboost any health bar. Also noticed my health goes up by the day, it seems the pokemon you use more often gets their health raised the next day.
  8. Ok, I joined to help also. So far i have all eeveelutions apart from Espeon (and Umbreon if he's there also) i have Kingdra in my spare spot. I've also acquired a new stone code: 5242 I've met over 100 pokémon already and I'll keep on going till the end of August. I'll also try and find more Stone codes incase u guys are low on something. EDIT: Just found Espeon and befriended it and it's now in my party. Now I wonder if Umbreon is in this event mission Stone codes: 3595 1644 4721 9894 1575 5825 7569 6904 8989 0990 1961 2915 0262 3851 6480 4772 2255 5677 5424 7445 5189 9160 7978 7766 0562 8334 8729 4641 8284 1622 2712 2423 4069 3852 4847 Also the date ends @ August 31 (Tuesday) 17:00, the Eeveelution u get depends on the results of the mission. Those stone codes really juiced up my rainbow coloured ones but try to increase your stones in a way that u get a lot of them, my method was to put them up equally (share each of the 7 new ones to each stone twice) then i banged up a bit on the stones i might need more such as water, grass, fire and the white stones.
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