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Ban the person above you! (Not really)


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I ban evandixon for having Dusclops assaulting the poor, [poor Grovyle which was in a compromising position.

I ban theSLAYER for not realizing that the Sableye the ones attacking both Grovyle and Dusknoir.

They're surrounded.

(Actually a spoiler)

Even though Dusknoir ordered them to be that way, they're still both being attacked.

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I ban evandixon for having water as his favorite type... but no water type pokemon as favorite. I viewed your profile..:cool::cool::smile:

Happy now? :)

I ban Hide for simply notifying that yggdrasssil was making extensive research and then banning them

I ban gamerman960 for having a rather large signature (in the Y direction).

(There used to be a rule about that, I don't know anymore...)

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