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  1. I got a shiny goldeen in 3rd gen. But I did not use it in my team.. :wink:
  2. Miss. The next person is gamerman960.
  3. I ban evandixon for having water as his favorite type... but no water type pokemon as favorite. I viewed your profile..:cool::cool::smile:
  4. I ban theSLAYER for using an UBER Pokemon as avatar.
  5. Hello, I played this for a while, but whenever I tried to open my pokedex, the emulator became black and hangs. Anyone can tell me what I have done wrong??
  6. Miss. The next person loves peanut butter.. =)
  7. Hit. The next person hates his/her boss.
  8. I can't find/download BLZ.exe help!! Are there other programs which can decompress the .bin files??
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