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  1. Can you please kindly change my username to Master of Shadow Neolia and could you also pm my password in case i forget with my new username Thank you
  2. Miss The next person is going to be someone who is of major defiency in both appearance and intellect lol
  3. I ban evandixon for simply making a reply and simultaneously banning me for having a signature in a certain form which doesn't appear as the letter 'y' p . s it's actually and most definitly 'p'
  4. hit the next person is a pokemon fan
  5. I ban Hide for simply notifying that yggdrasssil was making extensive research and then banning them
  6. i am bored and am for no particular reason searching through the forums for any entertainment
  7. No offense but Celebi is just so crap and is just a pokemon for show and pokedex
  8. Hey IT'S ME AGAIN Can you rate this team of mine p.s i will not change the pokemon but the stats and item and moves unless it's a good recommendation like these guys :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: Jellicent Lvl 55 :bidoof: Water/Ghost Ability: Water Absorb Nature: Impish Impetous and Silly Moves Ice Beam Hydro Pump Hex Rain Dance Stats HP 219 ATK 112 DEF 128 Sp Atk 125 Sp def 160 Speed 120 Serperior LVL 60:bidoof: Grass/Dragon Ability:Contrary Nature: Serious Loves to eat Moves Stats HP:206 Atk:132 Def:156 Sp Atk:132 Sp Def:156 Speed:178 Moves Aerial Ace Power Whip Iron Tail Dragon Tail i gotta go now i will put the other four later bye
  9. Hey Whats Up I'm new I like Pokemon Yea i do :bidoof:BIDOOF FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :bidoof::bidoof::bidoof::bidoof::bidoof::bidoof: I AM OBESSED WITH UNOVA AND SINNOH AND GENGARS Gengars Is that ok with you Thanks
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