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  1. Update Released! - Can now export results to XML
  2. I been trying this on different computers, but this seems to only be a one-time thing.
  3. Hello all. I was logging in today from "projectpokemon.org/forums" but when I tried, it showed a message that said "Invalid Redirect URL: (projectpokemon.org/forums)". I could only login by adding "/forum.php". Any thoughts? LEGOanimal22
  4. Update Released! - Breeding routine is automatically run when the Male and Female Pokemon are changed - Species label turns red when breeding pair is incompatible - Male and Female Pokemon selection boxes turn orange when you are not finished typing the Pokemon's name
  5. Update Released! - Fixed bug with typing in names - Fixed bug with egg moves
  6. Thanks! If you want to do chain breeding with this just keep track of the results the program gives.
  7. It seems like you've made a lot of progress on this. Good job
  8. Hello all! I have made an easy to use breeding tool to branch off from my Pokemon Mega Library project. This tool will generate a list of compatible moves that the egg can inherit. If you want to download this tool, please visit this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o3g9z83nb1xyr60/Pokemon%20Breeding%20Tool.zip?dl=0 Screenshots: Update Log: - LEGOanimal22
  9. Sorry for the bump. Delta Stream also removes all Flying type weaknesses from M Rayquaza, so, for ex. an Ice move now does 2x damage instead of 4x damage.
  10. I am getting both to experience both sides of the Aqua/Magma storyline.
  11. There is a new Horde trainer battle mechanic in the game. I believe it is only going to be used for Team Aqua/Magma Grunts. You could easily beat these with Swampert, but I'm not sure about the other starters.
  12. It just makes a random PID. Pokegen doesn't care about legality.
  13. I don't care for the costumes on the Cosplay Pikachu. I only care about the moves each of them has. And for the contests, based on the website, I'm assuming that it will just be the same as the old games except for the mega evolution addition. I don't dislike Mega Slowpoke, it's just that I think it looks funny. But, my favorite is Mega Lopunny, for the looks, Attack, And Speed. For the dragon Megas, Altaria is ok, but I would prefer Salamence. Why not? EDIT: theSLAYER ninja'd me
  14. They are bringing back some features in these new games, like the Contest Hall. I hated the Contest Hall in the old games, but, in the new games they have added Cosplay Pikachu. Cosplay Pikachu has five forms, one for each contest stat, and a special move(that it keeps outside of contests) for each form. I also love some of the new Megas like Lopunny and Salamence. But, like X and Y, there are strange ones like Audino and Slowbro.
  15. Please read the list before you comment. EDIT: I won't be making a thread for the Pokemon Mega Library, so if you want to use it download the zip on Github.
  16. I don't think Global Link has a limit to the number of cards you can use.
  17. Hello all! Since the B2W2 RAM layout vastly differs from the original Black and White game, I plan on making a seperate version for B2W2. I will need some volunteers to help me out. If you want to help out, follow these steps: (Note: use Desmume with an ENGLISH version of B2 or W2) * Run into a pokemon in tall grass(doesn't matter if you run away or kill it) * Save the game * Go to File -> Export Backup Memory * Save the file as {your name here}_DATA.sav * Next, go to Tools -> View Memory * In the right hand corner, click "Dump All" * Save the file as {your name here}_DUMP.bin * Upload the two files to this thread
  18. Pokewalker walker entries are complete! Now time to move back to other stuff. https://github.com/LEGOAnimal22/Pokemon_Mega_Library/
  19. Since imgur was being ignorant, here is a zip of pictures from my (english cart, italian language) X getting the Poke Ball Vivillion. https://www.dropbox.com/s/9rh0fi9t7wp5rvs/vivillion.zip
  20. Added some Gen 2 entries, Pokewalker entries, and implemented My Pokemon Ranch. https://github.com/LEGOAnimal22/Pokemon_Mega_Library/
  21. Let me just say this right now for you. Trashbytes = TRASH, they are just faulty programming in the game.
  22. Found a Skylanders Giants IR Portal of Power and it had these parts: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/21618b.pdf http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/devicedoc/41350c.pdf http://www.nxp.com/documents/data_sheet/MFRC530.pdf It has a PIC micro controller on it so it should be fairly easy to repurpose for Pokemon X and Y.
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