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speculation Black and White Plot Speculation Thread


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This is how you get Zorua:Transfer movie 13 celebi to a certain building in Issuh.With the celebi at the head of your party,theres a man with Zorua by his side saying that your celebi gets along with it and he gives it to.It is lv.10.I have the movie 13 celebi so I dont have to worry about missing the event.

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It might be legendary, becuse u need special event pokemon (shiny beasts) to unlock the battle w/Zoroark(which is also an event), which will also mean that Zoroark will be the first evolved legendary and Zorua the first legendary to evolve!

lucarios a legendary look it up

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Introducing - New combo moves! I got this from Serebii website!

Pokémon Black & White - New Details - Combo Attacks

The first details on special CoroCoro magazine; CoroCoro Special's October issue have started to come out through a Twitter, with thanks to Sabonea Masukippa for translation. This issue confirms a new feature within Double & Triple Battles called Combination Attacks. These attacks can be joined together if you select both attacks by selecting two or more specific attacks. Three examples of these attacks include Grass Oath, Fire Oath and Water Oath. We don't know how these work exactly but we have three examples;

If you use Grass Oath and Water Oath, the moves combine to make a Moor attack which lowers your opponent's speed.

In addition to that, Fire Oath and Water Oath create a Rainbow in the sky which boosts the likelihood of secondary effects occuring for your team mates.

Grass Oath & Fire Oath creates a Field of Fire which will cause damage to the opponents each turn.

These combinations, as well as being done together, also need to be done in order. For example, for the Grass/Fire Oath one, you'll need to use Grass Oath and then Fire Oath. It is unknown if all combination moves will be like this. We'll bring more details on this brand new feature as and when it comes including and hopefully some scans & total confirmation so keep checking back.

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