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  1. Granted, However by an unfortunate mishap, you tripped and swallowed the tweezers, choking on them, simultaneously dropping your dynamite near a fire place, lighting just the fuse, only to find in your last breathing seconds that the snakes could talk and that the dynamite stick you bought was a dud. I Wish that a random person at some point in the future would throw a single m&m at a mossy rock in November.
  2. ReabErak, You have been banned for having an "Inny" belly button. Have a nice day!
  3. Granted, but you're only good at EV training Luvdisk. I wish i didn't corrupt that last wish.
  4. Sel

    Quotes Game

    (Lol No problem.) "They say Home is where the heart is, but what a shame, 'cause everyone's heart doesn't beat the same." ~ Green Day
  5. That wouldn't bother me at the moment. Lol... Granted, however the lack of sunshine and less than amiable temperature cause key crops and plant life to fail and wither, causing a chain reaction in which the food chain eventually collapses under, thus ending life on earth as we know it. (That's probably the most initially docile wish that has led to doomsday i've seen on this thread...)
  6. This is a message regarding the user RaebErak. You have been banned from project pokemon... because i felt like it. Have a nice day!
  7. Sel

    Quotes Game

    Slaking, Use Earthquake! ~ Norman Not the most intellectual quote that i could've chosen, but it works.
  8. Wow apparently copy/paste doesn't function correctly here anymore, But yeah... Nicely done sprite, Krazinik, It looks great. Can't wait to see a sprite of the original dragon. On to speculation, I wonder how Kyurem will affect the story in grey(If it's ever made). Might your childhood friend Cheren(Who seems to pursue ideals) become one of the heroes that is destined to awaken one of either Reshiram or Zekrom, Requiring the player to attain Kyurem and the Godstone to avert the second war between Reshiram and Zekrom? Even if that comes to pass, As things are now, Kyurem, and the great chasm for that matter cannot be reached until after the player defeats the Elite four and N. In my mind, this scenario brings forth two possibilities. 1 - The awakening of Reshiram and Zekrom Stir Kyurem and Draw him from his home in search of his missing "parts". 2 - Team plasma Awaken Kyurem in order to carry out their pokemon liberation plan. It is also possible that alternatively, Ghetsis will first awaken and capture Kyurem, all the while Searching for a second hero to awaken either one of Reshiram and Zekrom in order to restore Kyurem to his former power; thus rendering him the strongest trainer in the world. in the event that would come to pass, The player may be forced to challenge Cheren and N, then Capture Their respective dragons to use in the fight against Ghetsis. Of coarse, that's a long shot, but it's just an example of how how Kyurem could affect the future storyline of the proposed third version.
  9. RaebErak, You have been banned for owning butter. We apologize for any inconvenience. p.s. Can we borrow some of your butter?
  10. Granted, however it has a bomb attached. I wish the Nintendo of America would Would translate and localize The Last Story, Xenoblade, And Pandora's tower for Wii owners in the USA.. >_>
  11. Listening to the radio and waiting for a phone call.
  12. Granted, But you had to cut off you right arm first. I wish i had ReabErak's Fly sunglasses.
  13. The Wii U, Nintendo's next gen console, makes my Dream all the more possible. Their already discussing doing the exact same thing for the Smash bro's game. It's very possible and something i think most fans would embrace. Nintendo/Gamefreak would most definitely have my attention. Frankly, I'll be really surprised if the big N doesn't go that route.
  14. Granted. It rained one less drop than it would've previously. I wish the that ducks couldn't fly.
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