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I found one picture from other people and knew it was one GBASP that was getting the Emerald aura ticket at Pikachu Bus in Europe.And I want to know what is the silver thing on the top of the blue GBASP in the picture.Any guys know?





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These pictures don’t really show much. I assumed it’s some kind of metal clamp, but I can’t imagine it being a mechanism meant to keep the cartridge locked in, since cartridge slot is below.

maybe it’s meant to protect the screen from being scratched by the buttons or something, when the lid is closed.

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That's probably a mechanism that avoids the console from beeing closed.

I remember we had a GBA SP to try out different games each week or so at a local store years ago. It had a similar looking metal clamp screwed to the back. Besides beeing an anti-theft mechanism it prevented people from closing or turning of the console.

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