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Using PKHeX: How to Use the Batch Editor in PKHeX

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How can I randomize Abilities? I have a box full of the same Pokemon and I want them to have either their first or second ability at random.

I tried .AbilityNumber=$1,2 and .AbilityNumber=$rand

The first one sets it all to 2 and the $rand sets them all to their HA (so 4 I guess)

Any suggestions?

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Is there a way to randomize SID and TID?

I tried:



But it didn't work.

Hope you can tell me how to randomize these values

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Put in steps I tried.
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1 hour ago, kambo_one said:

Does anyone have the code to edit all pokemon to have your trainer id without affecting event/locked pokemon? 

Trying to change my Trainer Name, TID, SID, Handler Name to mine. 

I think I did this earlier. Try:


.TrainerSID7=(Your SID)

.TrainerID7=(Your TID)


Make sure to create a backup of your file in case we mess it up.

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