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  1. Hey guys, Would any of you know the Batch command to edit stat natures for Gen 8? Solution: It is StatNature EG. =Box=3 .StatNature=3
  2. That happened to me too. Make sure the save file you are importing into the game is named "main" No extension, just main. Not anything else. And you will be good
  3. I am sure you get pinged alot, but I got it to work on Catalina with your tutorial. Kudos for writing it solely on memory! I appreciate it! Thank you so much! I constantly switched between Windows and Mac partition because of this, and now I don't have to!
  4. Do any of you know the Gen 8 item code? It looks like the held item spreadsheet only goes up to Gen 7
  5. Hey PkHex Community, Is there a way to have multiple PK8 files get converted into EK8 files without doing it one Pokemon at a time? Currently, the only method I know is Open the file in PkHex>Right click Pokemon Icon> Save As> Encrypted PKM File Thanks for your help!
  6. In the batch editor you can! I’d suggest looking at the in depth tutorial that was posted
  7. Thanks for the response, they are all shiny already I will do that.
  8. Hey! So I saw in the Batch editor thread there was a User who was stating that in the Mass editor if you enter .PID=$shiny0 that will change all pokemon to Xor=0/Square Shinies. I have tried multiple times and I am unable to get it to work. I don't receive any errors, it looks like it changes the PIDs to shiny but doesn't calculate Xor=0 from the TID/SID. So the only way would be to hold Shift while toggling shiny for the mons?
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