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  1. any idea how i give them all TR(Technical Records) all move to all pokemon,, any code?
  2. thanks theSlayer ♥ 1 more thing can u tell me what is code for lvl 100 and max happeniess
  3. any idea how i can Change TID? in gen 8? with all pokemons by batch editor
  4. Version 1.0.1


    About This File All of the 400+ Pokemon in this save file are legal and will pass as legit. Every pokemon that can legally be obtained as a ultra shiny has its ultra shiny form in the save file, the other pokemon are there in non-shiny form. The currently unobtainable legendaries are in box 16. A majority of the pokemon (and nearly all of the Gen8 Pokemon) will be level 100 with 6IV and best EVs for each pokemons. The other Pokemon are level 100 and with competitive natures and stats. The movesets are not the best, but with a move-re-learner in every pokemon center this was not as much of a big deal to me. In the future the movesets will improve. This save does not have any "level 0" pokemon like lots of the other save files currently circulating the internet. The base save file is also in French as it was the only base save file I could find online that had beaten the game and wasn't riddled with errors.. i copy this file from my mate Gridelin
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