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  1. How do you add in Galarian Slowking?
  2. Fula City one goes through fine
  3. Thank you so much for the help! However now it marks my Pokemon as Ilegal because "Nickname does not match species name" So I tried this and nothing, pretty sure Im doing something wrong *Edit* Nevermind I got, thank you based @theSLAYER
  4. So, is there a way to change the Language of the Pokemon? I see that you can change the country and I'm sure thats the same thing I just don't get how
  5. OP, Post screen shots of the pokemon youre genning
  6. So, you're telling me I can't trade to my friend my LEGALLY obtained Eclipse Solgaleo, but when I GEN a Shiny Ilegal Solgaleo caught with a masterball it goes through fine? Big freaking F on GameFreaks part.
  7. I see some people have started to Gen a bunch of the Poke-Home pokemon and they are basically spreading like wild fire now in Facebook groups. How safe is it to do this? Will everyone basically get banned? I'm going to try to gen some in a bit with PKHex but doesn't flag them as illegal?
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