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(New?) Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disc Discovered (Pokémon Colosseum: Kakuchou Disc)


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Hey everyone, just for starters since I figure most of you don't know me, I've been floating around these forums for years lurking on a lot of the Gen3 event progress that's been made. Last July on @InsaneNutter's site I even found the "Interactive Multi Media Game Disc" that would later be discovered to have the files for JPN Berry Glitch Zigzagoon. Just so you guys know that I'm not a complete noob to some of this haha :).

Anyways, ever since I found out about the Meteor Jirachi successfully being retrieved and JPN Berry Glitch ZZ being found hidden in the game files of the demo disc, my interest was peaked to try and find more hidden files within some of the older GC discs. Looking through redump.org I stumbled upon this dump from last November.  It is "Pokémon Colosseum: Kakuchou Disc" and is a version of the Japanese AGETO Celebi bonus disc with a playable demo of Pokemon Channel instead of the various video previews. The MD5 hash of the "pokocolo_ex.tgc" files is the same for both the regular bonus disc and the Kakuchou Disc.  -[Snip]-  Here is a quick video of the disc:


Within the "pch_TRIAL.tgc" file there are a number of .bin files that seem to resemble the Meteor Jirachi.bin (in file size) at first glance, but the headers do not exist/match that of the Jirachi files. I believe further research is needed on this though, as I'm mostly positive these .bin files are not in the full release of the actual Pokemon Channel game. Here is a download link to all of the .bins within the pch_TRIAL.tgc > thumbcode.


Hopefully someone can help in figuring out what it is these files are, all I recognize is the Pokemon names before the .bin.

On another note I have been exploring the pokecolo_ex.tgc files and have been trying to distribute the coupon.bin and pkjb_test.bin file using @Lycp01's method to distribute Meteor Jirachi. I've tried altering the headers/footers and have so far managed to get the distribution process to seemingly begin before the GBA goes to a gray screen and hangs, while the distribution ISO gives the yellow error, and I again believe more research is needed into this haha.

I hope this post was interesting or helpful in someway, any feedback or contributing research would be greatly appreciated.  Even if all of the .bin files turn out to be duds, I'd at least like to confirm it to put my mind at rest!

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3 minutes ago, ajxpk said:

Interesting find... but...
First of all... and this is simple to understand... Everything that has no GBA ROM header is not a ROM.
".bin" can be seen as an unspecified binary file, it can be anything so doesn't has to mean anything. Even a single function could be saved as a bin file.

I haven't done research on this but here's what I understand and if someone knows better than me, please feel free to correct me.
Ageto Celebi/Channel Jirachi is different in that it's receiving more data from the Game Cube software.
The Event Pokemon is apparently generated by the Game Cube (Master Mode) and then the GBA (Slave Mode) receives the already generated Pokemon.
Basically all this ROM does is communicating with the Game Cube, but it isn't generating anything. 
So you can't really compare it with a Multiboot ROM that is generating Event Pokemon all by itself like it was in case for the regular Events.

If this stuff is for generating Pokemon (which is unclear to me btw...) it would rather be debug material.
I wouldn't expect some officially distributed Event Pokemon and instead unrealeased material that works similar like Ageto Celebi/Channel Jirachi.

That makes a lot of sense, I didn't know that about the Master+Slave mode, thank you! I did know that lots of different types of files receive .bin extensions, the main reason I compared these files to that of the Meteor Jirachi or the coupon.bin file is that almost all of these files are around the 60-70kb size, that's what originally piqued my interests.

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These are just files that are related to the line art in Pokémon Channel if I remember right. Kinda what the Card-e data is, too.
Nothing to see here, I think. :P

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On 4/23/2018 at 12:06 PM, YoshiMoshi said:

Any pictures of the collosrum bonus disc variant?

@YoshiMoshi The original dumper just sent me these!






He also sent me this as well, but English is not his best language so I'm not sure if this is where he got it or not: Auction link

Interesting picture from auction link:




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2 hours ago, BlackShark said:

Both discs came with pre-orders of Pokemon Colosseum. As far as I know it's just that one of them was available via Pokemon Center pre-orders while the other was available in other shops.

Fascinating, I believe you but do you have a source on this? That would make the most sense.

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23 minutes ago, Gridelin said:

Fascinating, I believe you but do you have a source on this? That would make the most sense.

I currently only have this German source, http://pokewiki.de/Pokémon_Colosseum_Kakuchō_Disc

The first paragraph on this site says that the disc was available as pre-order gift only and that there are two different versions. The first one that was available through Pokemon Centers and the second one that was available through any other shops.

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