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  1. So I noticed that games with RTC (such as Pokemon), the RTC IC (S3511 - 8pin RTC with 3-wire serial bus) is connected to the GPIO pins of the ROM chip. Does anyone know, are the GPIO pins set as input only? Meaning it can only read the data on the RTC IC? Is it able to write to it? As far as I know, for pokemon it detects how much time has passed by comparing the data stored in the S3511 chip with the the data stored on the FRAM for the game save. It then compares the two to see how much time has passed. I believe there are homebrew programs that changes the date. But as far as I know that's within the game save only and not on the S3511 chip? What exactly is the chip that stores the ROM? I thought it was just flash memory. But it appears to be flash memory device that is capable of three wire SPI to write a portion of memory to the flash to read RTC, and also has a parallel interface to read the data stored on it. Is there a similar device that is commercially available?
  2. well obviously, i was just hoping to get the paper behind the cards translated
  3. Can anyone please translate this? This is the Berry Fix Glitch e-reader cards that were only in Japan. I have no idea what it says.
  4. Is anyone on here still collecting these cards, if you have duplicates let me know, I'd be interested.
  5. This is really great. I hope you preserve it to the internet to be saved for ever. K have dumped many ds distribution cartridges
  6. I have the compelete EURO and USA set, as well as one JAP, i don't want to breakup my set, and have a missing one, incomplete set. If I have financial problems I'll put it up on eBay. Complete known set has been perserved forever.
  7. I have a bunch of files I would like to compile into a .nds file so I can put onto a flash cartridge. It's a homebrew application, in particular this one. I can't figure it out. FAS1 version 1.7 https://github.com/stenlarsson/fas1/tree/master/FAS1 Thanks for any help!
  8. Yea unfortunately it was a gmail? Can you try and see if your account ever gets approved?
  9. Yea I think so to, I just want to know what exactly it says. I'll see if I can get some pictures in about two weeks. How about the picture below? I think it's the same text?
  10. Is anyone actually able to make an account there and get there account approved? Apparently your account has to get approved after you verify your email address. For whatever reason my account never gets approved. I never get an email saying my account wasn't approved or that my account was approved, I'm just left in limbo. Never heard anything. I'm not able to post anything because my account doesn't get approved. I have never had an account before on there, so there is no reason why they wouldn't approve me. After several months I tried to create another account thinking it would solve the problem using a different email address. But the same issue occurred. There appears to be no contact information where I can send an email to like an administrator asking them what is the status of the approval of my account. So it seems I'm stuck. Anyone have any luck creating an account?
  11. Can somebody please provide a translation of the text under the table of the switches? If the ASCII characters could also provide of the Japanese text, that would also be great. Meaning this area Sorry for the poor image quality. You may have to download the first image and zoom in.
  12. Yea I doubt we'll see another. I have a request for people. Can someone who knows Japanese provide a translation of the text on the cartridge? Can someone please provide the text on the sticker on the cartridge in ASCII code?
  13. FYI, The 1st NDS Japan Pokemon Distribution Cartridge has been preserved for all! Japan distribution cartridges are extremely rare. Indeed, this is the first Japan NDS cartridge that has been preserved. I had not even seen a picture of a Japan NDS distribution cartridge in the wild, until I made this purchase! Boy oh boy was this cartridge not cheap to obtain! I have seen pictures of GBA Japan distribution cartridges, but this remains the only Japanese one that we have seen pictures of for NDS. This cartridge is extremely rare. According to a Nintendo website archive, this event was distributed at under 1000 different locations in Japan. This cartridge is a true one of a kind cartridge, another one is not known to exist in private hands! My hopes is that preservation of this cartridge, will be seen by others who have distribution cartridges that have not yet been preserved. My hopes is that that they will be encouraged to forever preserve there distribution cartridges publicly for future generations to use. If anyone knows of others having this cartridge, please let me know. Or if others has pictures of Japan NDS cartridges, let me know. This is "Strongest Pokemon Distribution" from Japan that distributes Milotic, Dragonite, and Salamence. Happy Holidays to All!
  14. Shouldn't they match exactly though like I can see the last one u added there's an extra person sprite. Shouldn't all the ones taken at the vent match exactly? Which photos are from the actual event? We should see exact match up. Agree matching locations but it doesn't look like any of the photos are exact match, some are close though, but not exact?
  15. Do there are two versions of these ROMs and we have a later version of both it seems?
  16. For some reason I can't get it to run in old boy, can u help?
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