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VC Gold/Silver decoration items


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Especially considering that there are Decorations exclusive to using Mystery Gift with Stadium 2's NPC (Pikachu Bed, Unown Doll, and Tentacool Doll) or come from exclusive items attached to Stadium 1 Prizes, Silver Trophy and Gold Trophy, which are obtained via using Normal Box(Attached to Round 1 Prizes) and Gorgeous Box(Attached to Round 2 Prizes), and thus cannot be obtained in the VC versions

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The offsets are known, it's more a metter of coding the editor. Or use the AR cheats to unlock them. Still, mistery gift on pkhex would be the best solution.

If possible I would really much enjoy the ability to even drag and drop other GSC saves onto the mistery gift editor for gen 2 and simulate a mistery gift trade.

Also, I didn't know mystery gift was emulated on VC, which is awesome. I'll finally be able to do some before-after comparision on the savegames (still need to get a second GBC for IR trading...)

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I don't think PKHex supports editing the decorations yet, so I though I'd post the method I used to edit them into my game, just in case anyone else wants to.

I've only done this in international Crystal so far. I used a hex editor (HxD) to change the values in my exported save. I changed the values found at both 1854 and 2654 to the following:

FF FF FF FF FF FF 03 - All possible items
7B FF FF FF FF 86 03 - All 3DS possible items

If you save these changes in your hex editor and then open the save in PKHex and resave (to update the checksum I think), you'll have the decorations.

I got the values from here and used gameshark codes in an emulator to find the locations in the save (saving before and after applying the codes).

I've attached a screenshot of HxD showing the location of the first change.



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