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Shuffleshop (Free hearts/coins in Pokemon Shuffle via web browser).

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I managed to do this once only. Via the browser exploit. I'm using a regular 3ds with the correct firmware, but now whenever I try to do it again, I get a green bottom screen and nothing happens :/

I even erase the cookies and history before each time.

EDIT: initializing the save data made it work

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hey, I always wanted to start doing things like this. I want to try and hack the micro transactions on rustys real deal baseball(just for experience and not to put online). could i just edit the addresses in shuffleshop to do this and if i could just edit the addresses what would i need to do to find them. I'm know i'm a typical noob but like i said i'm doing this for experience.

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I tried this and it worked fine, but now for some reason whenever I try to load the game now, It comes up with an error saying the game failed to load because the SD Card could not be read. It did this even after reinstalling the game fresh. I also noticed there is a 0 block file in the extra data part of the 3ds settings which cannot be deleted. Is there any way to solve this or will I be stuck not playing forever?

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Hey man, love your work.

Will there ever be a free hearts for the new 3ds? I know what the problem is with the new 3ds. I'm just asking if there is a way you know of around it and could make that happen eventualy?

Have a nice day.

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That's not fair!

I was so close a few days away!

I made it to mega mewtwo y without even paying or knowing this glitch.

Only if I had visited gamefaqs forums on how to defeat mega mewtwo y earlier and notice the exploits thead that leads to project pokemon

to find this amazing option before I had unknowingly updated the system to 9.5.0-23. fml.

What do I do now?

Plus all those other things that don't work with 9.5.0-23.

Great! More things to lose I never knew I even had.

One teeny tiny small mistake and opportunity is gone.

I don't have friends with a spare 3ds. I am too poor to afford another. I am more inclined to break the useless piece of, as the simple loss of this opportunity has made me irate.

Who cares if Genius Sonority needs funds for the next Wii U Pokemon Colosseum game.

Just another lost opportunity.

Like applying for work, getting two interviews to lead you on and get your hopes up just to send you a rejection letter two weeks after.

Or watching seahawks reach the one yard line and blowing it.

You just missed out on having such a good time. Don't stop me now. F you nintendo. Unless you guys find a way to make it work with 9.5.0-23, me and the 9.5.0-23 crowd are doomed. [/spoilers]

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There is a new update for Shuffle 1.1.1 probably to block those who still have 9.5.0-22

Anyone can confirm it?

And if so probably the same will happen with X/Y & ORAS

Yeah it's probably the point of that update... And I can confirm you not only shufflehex doesn't work anymore with it, you're also forced to update to 9.5-23 to download it. So basically you choose between playing pokemon shuffle and gening in XYORAS.

I hope XYORAS update won't follow though. Moreover it would mean that shufflehex really was nintendo's only concern with spidertools injections ;)

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