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  1. No, because you need to access the Eshop to download Rumble. And before you can download Rumble, you will need to update to 9.6.
  2. I think it's easier to use the QR code method though. That way, you don't need to fiddle with your SD card.
  3. ^^ Sadly, it's either you update, check-in and join the Lucarionite competition but lose the ability to QR-inject or don't update and lose the chance to get Lucarionite but still be able to use the exploit.
  4. Unless you've played through the game and obtained all Pokemon and got S ratings in all stages. There's really not much else to do after that.
  5. If I may... ATTENTION: Web Injection Patched in 9.5.0-23 (March 2nd) System Update "Do not update if you wish to use QR injection, RAM2sav, PCEdit, or any other Web Browser (spider) injection method." 9.5.0-23U patched the injection method so it won't work on your 3DS now.
  6. Is there any way to block the game from checking whether there is a new 1.3 update eventually though? That way I can stay at 9.5.0-22 and OR/AS 1.2 and still trade/GTS.
  7. Lemme clarify...Homepass is not as easy to do as it was before, especially for those relying on Windows' hosted network and have no other options. It's as good as blocked for them (including me until I had to buy new equipment to fix the situation).
  8. Well, technically, hacking mons also ate into Ninty's income, although not as direct as that in Shuffle. If a player made a living dex through the QR codes, that would be one less person buying another parallel version of the Pokemon game he currently owns. That and it destroys the gaming experience. Not surprised they would block this after blocking Homepass.
  9. Looks like it. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?45335-ATTENTION-Web-Injection-Patched-in-9-5-0-23-(March-2nd)-System-Update Don't update.
  10. New 3DS update (9.5.0-23U) supposedly prevents this method from being executed. Can anyone confirm? Haven't updated my 3DS yet for obvious reasons. :biggrin: EDIT: Oh, I just read this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?45335-ATTENTION-Web-Injection-Patched-in-9-5-0-23-(March-2nd)-System-Update So I won't update then.
  11. At the Main tab, I checked the "Is Egg" option. Set "Hatch Counter" to 1. Nickname is "Egg" with the check mark. At the Met tab, I chose the "Origin Game" [i set mine to X], set "Met Location" to "(None)". Chose desired ball. "Met Level" at 1. Left "Met Date" at 1/1/2000 (*default). The game will set the "Met Location" and "Met Date" for you when the egg hatches. At the lower part of the tab, ensure that the "Is Egg" option. Location is "Day Care helpers". Set Date as somewhere between when the Origin Game was released and today. That's pretty much what I did.
  12. And you're using the most updated version of PKHeX? I just tried it right now and it works.
  13. Did you open the browser while the game is open (suspended)? The injection will only work that way.
  14. If I may... It's fine. It just so happens that your PC has set file associations for .bin files with VLC Media Player. That's the same as mine. The 3DS can still read them.
  15. Yup. So I set mine to just 1. Probably stands for the remaining egg cycle left before it hatches. Or leave the 'mon to the Day Care then take them back or make the 'mon into an egg then hatch it.
  16. Just to make sure, the one you're having is a legit, non-"Mystery Zone" Met Location egg, right? Because if it is so, it's an error egg that will never hatch and you didn't gen it properly. Anyway, the Hatch Counter option comes out to replace the "Friendship" field in the Main tab of PkHeX when you check the "Is Egg" box.
  17. Nope. Origin game for Talonflame can't be OR or AS. It should be X or Y. Try adjusting "Egg Met Conditions" date to a more recent one as well.
  18. That's the culprit. Talonflame (or even Fletching) needs to be traded from XY to ORAS. Suffice to say, there are no Talonflames in Jagged Pass either.
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