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  1. If the wondercard (notice no 's', as I think mew is the only one so far) is not stored in the save file, do we have any idea where it is stored? Is it presumed that its in memory only? I have noticed that when you get the mystery gift the Pokemon immediately gets added to your dex and your box. There is no collecting the Pokemon from delivery man or anything in this game, so there may be a problem injecting mystery gift files even if we did find a way to dump them. I hope there will be a way to get Mystery-gifts dumped and injected in Sword and Shield. Firstly, as I want the dual bundle bonus, but found it way cheaper to buy desperately through amazon with 10$ credit for each. But I digress. If the card is inject-able somehow I would like to know?
  2. Has someone found the updates for Ultra sun and ultra moon. what I mean is I was able to use the code in the first page, but the resultant video file when opened in pkhex(even though it doesn't complain) shows no Pokemon
  3. Seriously no mention of a national dex again?!?!
  4. I just checked it didn't change as long as you play video from 1.1, but sadly videos taken in 1.0 won't play in 1.1. however I was still able to extract video gfiles saved with jksm and load them in pkhex just fine.
  5. you make a good point, I'll try to be more careful about possible uses for my curiosity work
  6. Eskuero, love your work, I am trying to apply the logic you use to my own fork of pkmn-ntr so I can use that app to view pokemon data directly. Let me know if you wanna help or get a copy. in the mean time one of the other functions I noticed that pkmnntr lacks(sadly by design) is the abillity to read pokemon team while in link or online battle. I figured you migh t be able to help me figure out the mem locations and maybe some logic to figure that out.
  7. What is the difference between WC6 and WC6Full?
  8. Thanks so much, reading it now to get a better handle
  9. Really amazing work, and I think I am quite close to getting this to work for my self, but for one I am on a o3dsxl, but ntr works, and I have a usa version of the game AlphaSaphire, every time I try the debug menu I get inconsistent process ids. first time I got 2e, and guessed it was right seemed to work but only got my own sd card ones. next time I removed all the videos and the last two ids were 28 and 29, tried 28 it worked one time(back before the sd card ones were removed) but when I got the dump file it didn't have the video data. is there a more consistent way to figure out which process it is? Any help you could provide with the ids or anything here would be greatly appreciated
  10. Is there any information on how to modify the save file to gain this ability for people who don't have sysnand high enough to get the game and had to get it on emunand via shop. Has anyone made a simple program for editing the main file extracted with savdatafiler?
  11. I am pretty sure it changes the pokemons original trainer secret id to that of the pokemons egg shiney value, therefor making it seem like someone with its shiney value hatched it, but still have all same stats and your tid but not your secret tid
  12. With save file injection on gen 5 and poke transporter, gen'd pokemon and such are still possible, but its hard to be sure without pokecheck? It would be nice if they released the code for their checking, hell even in python or js, or any language really it would be great to at least help me debug pokmon I gen.
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