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Shuffleshop (Free hearts/coins in Pokemon Shuffle via web browser).

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got it to work i have heaps of jewls but every thing in the shuffle shop is greyed out

It's normal, since you have every item possible, and you're full of hearts and coins. After some use, if your coin counter decrease below 99999, you can buy some coins again.

About your hearts, it's the same. You can use every heart at the moment. When your heart counter drops to zero, it will start at 99 again. Because of that, you can't buy any heart at the moment.

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can Nintendo ban you for using it since they arent getting any money off you with the in game purchases

At the time of Spider exploit, they didn't banned anyone, instead they released a system update to block that method.

I think they will release a system update very soon, to stop save editing in general / homebrews / et cetera.

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Does it still work on the latest 1.2.14 version ? I just tried it and save manager gives me an exception message which I can't read because it disappears too fast for my eyes ^^

Sure, it is still working. In any case, Asia81 posted on GBATemp a Windows version, to be used instead of the Python script. Didn't tested yet, though. Maybe it can helps you.

Please check the first post on this topic to download: http://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-savedatafiler-pok%C3%A9mon-shuffle-free-diamonds-and-coins-golds.393568/

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Didn't help, but I realised that I got an exception when I tried to import a save from any save so I guess it's either SDM's or Ironhax's fault.

EDIT: Downloaded all again and started all over. It works (you need not ta have any other savefile in your savedata folder when importing) but windows version isn't updated (it gives only 15 jewels).

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Just a heads up, the gbatemp method got massively improved now. http://gbatemp.net/threads/tutorial-savedatafiler-ninjhax-pok%C3%A9mon-shuffle-saveedit.393568/

Not only is is almost like an actual editor now that lets you choose what you want, you can actually give yourself all pkmn (even those currently hidden) and make them all max level. The only thing missing so far is to automatically give the mega pkmn full mega speed-ups, right now you still need to do that manually. It's great how far this has come.

And I just saw, someone now HAS made an editor: https://gbatemp.net/threads/psse-pokemon-shuffle-save-editor.396499/

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Yikes, and just needed ONE people using unreleased Pokémon in a competition... and the chaos begun.

The NA leaderboards are filled with Palkias and Dittos now...

Surely, Nintendo will work to fully close this entrypoint ASAP... I'm not worried about Shuffle, but with everything that we can use through Ironhax/Tubehax (emulators, save editing, etc) :/

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This requires you use a 3ds on system nand 9.0-9.5. You CANNOT use any other firmware, nor a new nintendo 3ds, nor a 3ds on 9.x emunand.

This is not tested on non-American systems, but should work. Try it out and let me know!

If it isn't working, please clear your browser history and cookies and try again.

This is a method based off of Yifan Lu's spider3DSTools (https://github.com/yifanlu/Spider3DSTools) to make everything in Pokemon Shuffle's shop cost zero jewels.




1. Copy shuffleshop.bin onto your 9.X 3DS (or XL or 2DS) (no emunand/no new 3ds(the one with the C-stick)) SD card.

2. Open Pokemon Shuffle and get in-game. You should be at stage select.

3. Hit the home menu and go to the browser.

4. Go to http://bit.ly/1Grittg to run shuffleshop.bin.

5. Wait for it the crash back to the home menu.

6. Go back into Pokemon Shuffle and check the shop -- everything should be free.

Source Code:

Frequently Asked Questions

> What's the root directory? The Root directory of your SD card is the base folder. C: \ is the root of the C Drive, etc.

> What is emunand? Am I on Sysnand or Emunand? If you have to ask this question and/or don't know what either of those words mean, you are on Sysnand and this will work.

> The exploit isn't working! When I run it, nothing happens! Clear your 3ds browser's cache/cookies. Scroll down to the bottom of settings and hit "Initialize Save Data", then try again.

> What does this work on? This works on 2ds, Old 3ds and old 3ds XL firmwares 9.0-9.5.

> When do I trigger this? Load the website in the 3ds browser AFTER opening the game and making sure you are at the stage select screen.

Download: here.

Are there any other sources to download from?

The download link doesnt work anymore, it redirects to a blog saying pomf has been shut down

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