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PPRE: Project Pokemon's ROM Editor

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Wow the version i have is nothing like those pics

Will you be releasing that version soon?

Well that depends on what "soon" means. I am working hard on it and will release it ASAP. It its not clear what ASAP means either since I am also working on several projects for the site.

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SCV, are you almost done the scripting, as that could be good, too.

Also, is it possible to edit Pokemon types.

Pokemon types will be editable.

I don't know whether I am almost done with scripting. There are 0x348 scripting commands.

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O.o wow, that's a lot of work, how much commands you have done. (also, is the 348 in hex, if so, the numbers be in hex, because, well, just wanna know lol)

Whenever 0x is in front of a number it means its in hex. So there are 0x348, in other words 840 commands. We have these: http://projectpokemon.org/wiki/DPP_Script_Commands

For now I am at least trying to get the number of parameters right.

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Yay, a new platinum hack, cant WAIT

yes i to cant wait for this hack to finish all i need is the PPRE 0.05 and the game should be done in 3-4days

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With there be pokemon data editor, like say, their stats?

Well, try and search the first post a bit more. It shows several screenshots of the program and it has a Pokémon editor in it. It shows a 'Data' tab, so I'm very sure you can change things like Stats there.

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