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SDSME - Spiky's DS Map Editor

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We have tools that can be found with search.

You may wish to try http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?14752-Kazo-s-B-W-Tools

Do read the "readmes" and the thread on how to use them.

But I don't need BW's Trainer editor, I need Platinum's.

There was G4 one, but it seems it's D/P only (srsly?), later also found one for G2.

There's PPRE and PPTE... but they're somehow limited (Y u can't set Pokémon's IVs? y u can't set Pokémon's Ability? Seriously? I can't change Ability? What the- )

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Note: .NET Framework 4 or later is required to run the tool.

Hello! I'm new to this forum, let me introduce myself first. I'm DiaborMagics and I haven't played a Pokemon game in a loooong time. However, it started to itch again and I wanted to make it more difficult. This is why I want to hack heart gold, although I have never ever done that before. Heart Gold is my favorite that I played, though (played blue, red, fire red, gold, emerald and heart gold) and I want to make the trainers harder and different.

On-topic: I tried to start the tool, but I get the error 'Can not activate the GL rendering context'. I do have framework 4.5 already on my pc, it's windows 8 (not 8.1), so maybe that is the problem? I've been looking for hours and hours for a proper hacking tool since I am a total noob and this one seems awesome! This is why I really want to be able to use it, so can anyone please help me?

Additional questions: my main goal is to give the gym leaders, elite 4 and Red additional and/or stronger Pokemon, legendaries for some and just make them harder to beat by those means. I would like to also edit the Rival, though I would understand that that could be difficult since you encounter him like... 6 or 8 times? So, can I easily change the things I want? And could I enable double battles for a few Leaders?

Also, IF I could do it, it would be very nice to do the standard things - making trades completely unneccesary by adding all soulsilver exclusives into heartgold and making trade-evolvers evolve on plain level-up... so could I?

Would it be possible to give the legendaries genders and implementing them into the breeding system? If that would be too difficult, I would definately understand. I am a noob after all.

Last but not least: would it be possible to have all pokemon in the wild, except the legendaries already in the game? So I mean to make it possible to find a wild bulbasaur somewhere near the start in level 2, or a charizard in level 40 further in the game? And could I in addition to that, add a stationary Mew, or a Mew egg somewhere? And Celebii and so on?

Thanks for you patience with me folks! I can't wait to read the responses! I'm sorry if my grammar isnt 100% correct. Yes, I skipped some apostrophes, but for the other problems, I'm Dutch. Yes, I know, excuses..... :D

- DiaborMagics



To make it more clear what I mainly want, here is the complete trainer/pokemon/level info that I came up with:

Falkner pidgey10/sparrow11/hoothoot14/pidgeotto18

Bugsy chikorita15/metapod15/butterfree16/scyther19/scizor21.

Whitney clefable16/phanphy18/tauros21/miltank25.

Morty Ditto20/ghastly24/haunter26/gengar27/gengar31.

Chuck Machoke28/primeape29/hitmonchan31/hitmonlee31/Marowak33/Machamp36.

Jasmine Pichu29/Magneton30/Ampharos34/Steelix39/Aggron42/Zapdos43.

Pryce Piloswine36/Lapras38/poliwrath41/Croconaw43/Totodile44/Articuno48.

Claire Dratini40/Dragonair42/Dragonair45/Salamence50/Tyranitar55/Moltres56.

Will Xatu46/alakazam50/alakazam54/jynx56/lugia57/lugia/60

Koga crobat55/Muk58/Aeriados60/Arbok62/weezing62/nidoking65

Bruno hitmontop58/Onix60/steelix61/scarmory63/machamp65/blaziken67

Karen Umbreon64/Houndoom64/Sceptile65/swampert66/rhydon67/Entei68

Lance Charmander68/Charmeleon68/Charizard69/Gyarados70/Dragonite72/Rayquaza75.

Lt. Surge Luxray68/Elekid71/Elektabuzz72/Raichu74/Electavire75/Raikou76.

Sabrina Abra73/kadabra74/mr.mime74/kadabra75/alakazam75/alakazam78.

Erika Bulbasaur75/Ivysaur76/Bayleef76/Grovile77/vileplume78/celebii80.

Misty squirtle77/wartortle77/Starmie79/suicune81/kyogre82/gyarados82fireblast-thunder-hydropump-hyperbeam.

Janine Venemoth78/spinarack80/Aeriados80/zubat81/golbat83/crobat84.

Brock Ninetales80/onix81/graveller83/golem83/lairon84/tyranitar85.

Blaine Rapidash83/Magmar84/quilava84/magmortar85/ho-oh86/groudon87.

Blue venusaur90/maganium90/feraligatr90/blastoise90/typhlosion90/charizard90.

Will alakazam89/alakazam89/alakazam90/lugia90/lugia91/lugia91.

Koga crobat91/Muk91/Aeriados92/Arbok92/weezing92/nidoking92

Bruno hitmontop92/steelix93/steelix93/scarmory93/machamp93/blaziken93.

Karen Umbreon92/Houndoom92/Sceptile93/swampert94/rhydon94/Entei94

Lance Charizard94/charizard94/Gyarados95/Dragonite95/Rayquaza95/arceusdragon...if that excists95

Red Ho-oh100/lugia100/mew100/palkia100/dialga100/giratina100

And I only specified gyarados' attacks for misty, but in general I'd just like strong attacks, even attacks that are hard to come by for the player, like Blast Burn, Fire Blast, Overheat, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Solar Beam, Thunder.... one can continue for a while.

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Adding info at the bottom
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Hi, I'm using this tool to hack Heart Gold and I had made some changes in Cherrygrove City (map17_12c):


But when I save the rom this bug happens:



The textures keep moving.

Could anyone here say how can I solve this problem?




Edited by DragonNight
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The links just say "Attachment 11730" etc. and when I click that it says:

vBulletin Message

Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator.

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Hello, i just edited the HGSS Gym leader/E4 teams and would now like to play that Edited Rom, but when i start it on my MelonDS Emulator, it gets stuck on a white screen.

is there anything i can do to fix this?

i should mention i am very new and very bad at code, tech and such things.

thanks in advance!


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