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  1. Not specific to one Pokemon, but in G1, the move legality checker seems to not account for the previous stages of the family. For example, Absorb is flagged as illegal on Vileplume, because Vileplume itself never learns it, only Oddish and Gloom. Or if you use evolution to have it learn a move early (such as Lv. 24 Sandslash with Poison Sting). Using 20.08.07 version.
  2. Since you can edit items, that means we know what index number they have. The items in the drop-menu are sorted by it, right?
  3. how do I read. ...You mean something like this, right? Cause I've totally forgotten this even exists. Okay, it says Pokemon are 136 bytes in these games, while Tux has said they are 140 bytes in PBR. I've noticed that there are two empty (00) bytes between held item (00EA) and OT (8522) in PBR. There's also something between OT and secret OT (circled in green); haven't checked enough to guess what it is.
  4. So I've got savefile I was researching decrypted by StarsMmd, and here's what I've got already. Do we have any kind of online chat for this kind of thing? Or should I just post here, hoping that someone helps me with this? (Cause as you can see in the spoiler part above, there are some curveballs that I can't explain.)
  5. This is the part I am having problems with, as I have no idea how to use it; and I fear doing it the wrong way just to mess it up even more (this is why I am asking here and eg. not just Googling it).
  6. I have indeed tried using HxD (and currently I am even trying to dig through a save I've downloaded that has all 493 Pokémon because I am too lazy to get a living Dex myself; I've written down one of the Pokemon's number, its moves' numbers and the item's numbers to make things easier). The other person has mentioned decryption code. Is it something I should worry about using in HxD, or is it more or less the order in which PBR stores data? (Being newbie sucks. ) The biggest part will probably be finding out the order in which Pokémon data is stored - like if moves are all in row (probably?), whether they come before an item, what begins the whole block of Pokémon data--is it the Pokémon's index number or something else? And on HxD side: if I am searching for Sandlash, should I try searching for 01C or 1C? After all, this is Generation IV, so moves, items and Pokémon values are obviously stored as (at least) 2 bytes, considering there's more than 256 of each. Dolphin's RAM would suggest that at least moves have the same values as in core series. This is what I am assuming for not only moves, but Pokémon and items during my search. This is the only sane way of proceeding here.
  7. Wish I could do that, but as I said: I am new to this kind of research. What kind of program would be good?
  8. I am new to encryption and what-you-have, but I have a question. Is there anything that could be done to help with this? I would like to see a PBR Pokemon/save editor someday. I've tried messing around in Dolphin's (5.0-419) debug mode to see how the game stores moves; alas all I got was memory addresses it seems to use for storing moves during a battle--and not the storage Pokemon--editing which does nothing - probably due to the way PBR handles it. Is checking memory even worthwhile?
  9. ...for some reason it crashes (the version from thread) upon trying to open a game. IIRC, I have .NET Framework 4.5. (And I don't even what was that 'master' version)
  10. So I tried doing something with this (inserting portrait), but I am such a noob that I don't know how to use the program (inb4 I missed obvious tutorial/manual). It says about Input and Output, but...
  11. You know, this made me remind of Petal Dance and Petal Blizzard. They seem like switched around (granted, in the vanilla, everything but that event Meowth that can learn this has better Sp. Atk; but it's a special contact while Petal Blizzard is a physical non-contact... and the anime had petal dance as ranged attack.... like Ice Ball. Yeah.) Are you planning on some other modifications or is it just bug-fixing now?
  12. 94000130 FFFB0000 B2000024 00000000 2002613F 0000000A D2000000 00000000 Area 10 Treehollow unlocked. Figured out the whole pastebin that has been linked here in the past has some hex wrong. Indeed, it was off... by 2. (13F instead of 141)
  13. Is there an AR code for removing the weather? There are some places that always have weather (like Desert Resort).
  14. I've noticed that in the G5 Wonder Card editor, the 00B0x02 is responsible for the text on the Wonder Card (as in "Thank you for coming to see the Pokémon Movie!" - that kind of stuff). Not sure if anyone has reported this before. Also, the program seems to work without any bugs on Windows XP SP3.
  15. https://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=8334030 - Apparently, Level 3 Raikou is all legal.
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