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is there any way to get a dream world pkmn without going online using the action replay

If you want a specific Dream World Pokémon then email me and I'll be able to fix one up for you. It doesn't sound like you're that familiar with hacking so I'd be happy to make one for you - it can be difficult to hack Pokémon from scratch in a clean way if you don't have the right knowledge and experience. I can then give you an AR code for your custom Pokémon.

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Hello !

Thank you so much for this tuto ! I just have a question, is it possible, when I open "DW.exe" to close and re open this; like a reset ?

In my folder called "PGL", I put "DW.exe" and the cookies, can I delete the cookies and restart the steps 7 to 11 ?

7. Open Cookies Manager+, find and select the cookies for "pokemon-gl".

8. Right click and select backup selected, then save them as "cookies.txt" in the same directory as DW.exe.

9. Close or navigate away from PGL/DW now.

10. Open DW.exe. Press 7 (Oran Berry), 1 (Rank), and the language which you were surfing PGL in (en/fr/de/it/es/ja/ko).

11. Press enter and watch the magic happen!

Or I have to wait 24 hours to have perhaps others pokemon ?

Sorry if it's a bad english and thank you if you read me !

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Yep. If for any reason DW.exe shuts down while processing the info, you can just reboot it again and it'll complete the session.

Also, you can delete the cookies txt file and the other temp files, and then re-use DW.exe with a new cookies.txt document if you have another DW account to run through.

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Found the problem, apparently my antivirus thought it would be funny to block the download without actually telling me.

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cafe? : y
The Cafe area was shut down last year, so trying it will always cause an error now.
I saw that the PGL will be updated when white 2 and black 2 will come out. I hope the creator of the program will update it, too.
I'll try ;)
i found the problem^.every time i went to the sea area after the list of found pokemon and berries it lists one of these pokemon seel,chinchou,shelder.(yeah without returning home and going back).those pokemon were recently added to the dream world .and this program was created before that.thats why it crashes. i think . and if it didnt choose to go to the sea ,then it never crashes.now is there is a fix for this?
Not yet, unfortunately.
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So seel,chinchou, and shelder are basically unobtainable with DW.exe? That's sad. But at least that explains why it crashes.
Not quite. It'll still get them, but crashes afterward due to an error.

Most visits to the Dream Island are structured something like this:


Usually, it would go through each one-by-one until it reaches the end. But since Seel/Chinchou/Shellder were added to the Sea, a visit there now looks like this:

[Pokemon][Pokemon][item][item][Pokemon] ...with the last Pokemon being Seel/Chinchou/Shellder.

However it only checks for the end of the visit correctly if the last event processed was an item. If it happens to be a Pokemon, it processes it fine, but expects another event to follow it, and crashes trying to read beyond the end of the file looking for it.

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I wonder if there is a way we can fix that. I don't think that the maker of the software will make any updates unless he/she is waiting for the upgrade with the addition of B2/W2
Well, I did fix it but only after I started working on other functions for it, and then messed up something and now it doesn't compile properly. And I didn't keep the source about from the current released version.
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aah so you are the creator! many thanks!

can't you fix seel\chinchou\shellder's error by adding an "if"? like:

"if(*the pokemon's name* == "seel" || "chinchou" || "shellder") {

*do something so that the program won't crash*"


(yeah, I know, it's a bit too much simplified even for a pseudocode...)

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