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  1. I can't seem to find a Change a Pokemon's Gender code for White 2 (U) at all.
  2. Oh I found one that edits the battle videos and it works with Iris' Background. It seems the code was made by you, so thanks for that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdfdotlNq38
  3. Hello, I was wondering if there was a code to change the background of battle videos? I would like to have my battle videos have the background used vs Iris.
  4. Although I heard that using this code makes it so the pokemon is considered hacked in the wi-fi modes.
  5. Hi I looked through both B2W2 AR codes threads and I couldn't find a Nature Modifier, like the one in BW where you press R and L to cycle through the natures.
  6. Question: Is there a Chrome add-on that functions exactly like the Fire Fox one?
  7. This has been one of my favorite hacks. Saves a lot of time. I don't care about the point gain as I started to use it a long time ago after I got 10,000 points.
  8. I'm sorry but I couldn't find this code anywhere. Is there a code that allows me to delete a bad egg or a code that deletes a box space and replaces it with a pokemon? EDIT: Oh I used this to replace my Bad Eggs with mews and release them.
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