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  1. So~ I can finally dump Wonder Cards from Gen 6 games now with ram2sav, so it's time to contribute some. ...though, I don't know what is needed and what is not, plus there seem to be some odd edge cases and the first post seems quite out of date, so here, have the whole lot. Programmes used: rsavout, pkhex They're all either from UK events (physical/wifi/serial), or from JP serial codes (+ one from TW serial, Charizard got Charizardite X!). I've got distro text from most everything, but stored away in a year and a half of photos, so if there's any I can help with, let me know.
  2. Those are the wrong files, the source code - you need the files which end in .bin. You should have rsavin.bin and rsavout.bin.
  3. As for 3DS regions... This is in the 3DS region detection code the PGL uses, so is likely the same order as in-game.It's also the same as the order used by Nintendo in other things, which means 3 would be the would-be AU-only region that doesn't actually exist (since they get EU games and consoles).
  4. I think all ten of the Birthday present Pokemon have Celebration (Pikachu, Eevee, and eight Eeveelutions). (Though I can't find any confirmation for anything other than Eevee and Sylveon.)
  5. I'm surprised they kept the same encryption method for the Pokemon data, to be honest... Partial list of new items: #639/0x27F, Weakness Policy #640/0x280, Assault Vest #644/0x284, Pixie Plate #645/0x285, Ability Capsule #646/0x286, Whipped Dream #647/0x287, Sachet #648/0x288, Luminous Moss #649/0x289, Snowball #650/0x28A, Safety Goggles #652/0x28C, Rich Mulch #653/0x28D, Surprise Mulch #654/0x28E, Boost Mulch #655/0x28F, Amaze Mulch #686/0x2AE, Roseli Berry #687/0x2AF, Kee Berry #688/0x2B0, Maranga Berry #699/0x2BB, Discount Coupon #704/0x2C0, Strange Souvenir #708/0x2C4, Lumiose Galette #709/0x2C5, unknown normal item, some sort of wooden tablet #710/0x2C6, Jaw Fossil #711/0x2C7, Sail Fossil #715/0x2CB, Fairy Gem 656~685 are likely the Mega Stones, if anyone wants to poke around. 28 Mega Stones are known, so there may be two more undiscovered in that gap (and it's easier to poke around 30 items than attempt to form+1 all 700+ Pokemon). If all the item slots are used, there's around 11 or so items still not known, so they may be worth checking out.
  6. It seems these Quick Balls are also being given away in Japan, various people who pre-ordered XY at Pokemon Centres, particularly for home delivery, have reported recieving the code. Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 | Source 4
  7. Wonder card text (EU 3DS, console language set to EN, game set to JP): Distribution text (EU 3DS, console language set to EN, game set to JP): Icon: A Torchic.I'll get a Garchomp code and see if EU 3DSes can recieve that next month. ...It appears the games aren't region-free, which makes the rest of my post meaningless. As such, I removed a paragraph to prevent any misunderstandings. As for why they're region-locked...? I have no idea. For the digital version, the same files are downloaded for every region, at least...
  8. It appears that there is no Dream World in XY, and no Pokemon uploaded during Game Sync. As such, there will not be an XY version of DW.exe.
  9. Codes are valid from 12th October 2013 (11/10/2013 23:00 BST) to 12th April 2014. Wonder card text (EU 3DS, console language set to EN, game set to JP): Distribution text (EU 3DS, console language set to EN, game set to JP): Icon: A Quick Ball.According to the XY PGL, Tesco's giving out the codes until the end of this month.
  10. Went to the VGCs this year as well. Distribution texts: No Japanese version was found, didn't check for Korean.
  11. This means you're out of the berry you chose -- it tries to use a berry, and you have none. I should probably make it clearer... Previous versions don't work on B2W2, the site was expanded too much. It works partially but ignores lots of events, and crashes on lots too, so don't go using it with B2W2. I'll try and finish up getting a B2W2-compatible version out in a few days.
  12. <p><p><p><p><p><p>Done.</p></p></p></p></p></p>

  13. Well, here's my Larvitar. Card Title: Ti aspettano delle grandi lotte! Card Comment: Grazie per aver partecipato al Campionato di Gioco (VGC) 2012! Ricordati di ritirare il dono dal postino nel Centro Pokémon! Icon: Pokémon #246 Date Card Received: 3 mar. 2012 And the distribution text (if anyone cares for it): Ti aspettano delle grandi lotte! Grazie di aver scelto un gioco Pokémon! Allena Larvitar al meglio e sbaraglia ogni avversario con la sua forza! Note that I don't speak Italian all too well, so if there's a typo anywhere, it's probably me, so point it out and I'll recheck it.
  14. Well, I did fix it but only after I started working on other functions for it, and then messed up something and now it doesn't compile properly. And I didn't keep the source about from the current released version.
  15. It was obtained in Birmingham instead of Italy. They broadcasted Larvitars for all five European languages here on 3rd March. As such they don't say 1st April.
  16. Would an Italian Shiny Larvitar be wanted even if it was obtained on a ''wrong'' date?I also have the distribution texts but again, for a ''wrong'' date.
  17. Not quite. It'll still get them, but crashes afterward due to an error.
  18. Thought you should know, the five Score Level move columns are unnecessary. All three moves are available at any Score Level except Level 1, where only two moves are achievable ('B' and 'C' moves, at 50% rarity each). The differences between the score levels is only the rarity of the moves, for example score level 5 will most of the time give you the 'A' move(usually the level-up move) and will hardly ever give the 'C' move(usually the rarest).
  19. The Cafe area was shut down last year, so trying it will always cause an error now. I'll try Not yet, unfortunately.
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