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REQUEST: Pokémon Platinum (U) Action Replay Codes


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Code requests as follows:

 A code that allows the use of HM moves without a Pokemon on the team knowing that move (esp. cut, fly, rock smash, defog, waterfall) 

 A code to fully heal all your Pokemon / use Pokecenter effect anywhere 

I didn't see this one listed...

 A code that forces the wild Pokemon to be a specific gender all the time (male or female) 

Finally, a slightly random one...

 A code to effect a status problem on your own Pokemon 

Not sure if it has practical uses, more just curious to see if it could be done =). A way to give yourself a handicap, perhaps? =P

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I've been searching for a very simple code, but my efforts seem to be futile so far. :( Yes, I searched this forum.

I'm looking for a code that places an item in your bag in US Platinum. (Replaces first slot, L+R to activate? Who knows?) Specifically, I'm looking for a code that places a Soul Dew in your bag.

Any help would be appreciated!

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1. Allow New Formes in the Battle Tower

2. No Item Clause in the Battle Tower

-Also allow SoulDew to have its effect

-Also let Griseous Orb be equipped

Also, aren't there new codes for HGSS where you can clone simply by moving the Pokemon in the PC box? Is there a way to port the code to Platinum? And if possible, the fast egg in daycare code. I don't really like the instant egg code, since i have to set the natures and it's not as fun as at least running a few steps for eggs.

Thanks thanks thanks a lot

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Is there any codes or way to edit the save to reactivate pokémon that just appear once and are gone when you catch them like the Legendary Birds and the Regi's in Platinum and Darkri, Shaymin, Acerus, Cresilia, Rotom, Regigigas, Gratina, Digalga, Pilkia, and the pixies

I want to reactivate them, expically the Regi's and the the Birds in my Platinum game.

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