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REQUEST: Pokémon Platinum (U) Action Replay Codes


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31 minutes ago, DeadSkullzJr said:

I actually made these codes a while back for one of my database updates, at the time the cheat list for the Pokemon games were really crummy and or rough around the edges. When I overhauled the lists I decided to make these codes for all the region variants of all the generation four games. So now anyone from all over the world can experience the code without being forced to use a different language variant of said games. Glad my work could be handy, hope it helps!

Yeah, but it really did work when I tried it anyway, thanks Innovator! In a few days I will send a special code about this game for the two most popular regions (USA/Europe and Spanish) but it may take time to finish anyway 😁.

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Is there an action replay code that lets you access the pc from anywhere in pokemon platinum?  I am absolutely tired of having to go to the Pokemon Center.  If there is, pm me the code plz,  and it is for the ds version by the way.  I have searched for nearly 3 hrs and cannot find it.  Thank you.

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Yooooo can some goat make me an action replay code on platinum for a legit shiny mew uno from emerald at level 30 it will have a Japan ot and its name mew will be in Japan too any I'd number timid nature and like 31 sp attack n speed EV's only the rest random I want it look super legit and can u make sure the date n stuff matches an old sea map mew I obviously don't have access to anything to make the code myself THANKS !

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