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Hoenn: Cooler than you think


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So, I've heard a lot of talk going around about how people think Hoenn was the worst of the region. And it seems like for every two comments of someone talking about how great Johto is, there's one comment for how lame Hoenn was.

I really think Hoenn had some great places, but I think the real reason people didn't like it was it's regional pokedex.

Hoenn was the first region to have a regional pokedex that didn't include all currently known pokemon. As a result, a LOT of the generation I and II Pokemon were simply cut out. There wasn't even a way to obtain them after beating the Elite 4 until Colosseum and FRLG came out.

And I think that's what turned people off to Hoenn.

On the flip side, think about the great music the RSE games had! And think about all of the cool locales!

Mt. Pyre based on Sakurajima, Sootopolis City inside the volcano, Shoal cave with the changing tide, Mossdeep the coastal town with the Space Center, Lavaridge town with the hot spring, ALL of the volcano routes (the ones inside, the ones with the ash raining down), the desert route, Pacifidlog Town floating on the water like some kind of island bungalow, Fortree city up in the trees, ALL of the routes leading up to Fortree )with the tall grass, rain, wood bridges over waterfalls and rivers), the weather institute, and the above-ground secret bases that could be all over the place (those were seriously fun if you mixed records and went to search for your friends's bases).

There really is a large variety of places, and many of them were really aesthetically pleasing.

I think a lot of people were turned off by the amount of surfing in large, open, and long routes that took place in this game. It did get to be a little bit tedious and repetitive at times, but I really enjoyed the diving aspects of it. It really added depth (pun) to the game, and it was a unique way to get around. I really liked the fact that you had to dive underwater in order to get into Sootopolis City.

All in all, I consider Hoenn to be really enjoyable and probably my favorite region (definitely better than Sinnoh).

Anyone else out there that appreciates Hoenn? Or does everyone hate it?

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R/S was my first introduction to the pokemon games. After enjoying Ruby, I bought Sapphire and played through it again. Then I got Fr the day after it came out and I bought Colluseum. I proceeded to buy xD and Emerald.

I had no interest in completeing the pokedex at any point; I was playing the game because it was fun and there was so much to do it in it. I think the longer routes were a blessing for Hoenn; they made everything slightly more realistic.

I think Emerald was one of the best pokemon games ever created; its right up there with Platinum for me.

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Like i have said before, i started my Pokemon games from ruby/sapphire.

So purely nothing bad comes to my mind. I really like Hoenn like most love Johto. And i too consider it a really, really, really great region. The game's were/are amazing. So the PokeDex is different, but later there are the R/B/G remakes. I like every pokemon game but Sinnoh, Tronzey, and Dash were not so much admired by me. I think Guested was right for his disliking reason. And as he stated about Hoenn's wonders, there is much excitement there. There is so much more i can say about it.

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Even though I started on Crystal, I really liked R/S/E. Maybe because it was the first "new" gen to me... The story line in them was very nice, I really can't think of anything bad about Hoenn, besides the annoying surfing routes. Only thing that I can currently think people may dislike is that the Pokémon started to get a bit different. It's not as drastic as gen IV, but it still seems different compared to the first two gens. I never really noticed when I was playing it through the first time, and I don't mind most of the third gen Pokémon, only the fourth gen bugs me.xP

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Most will disagree with me in this first statement but... I liked the water routes of Hoenn (gasp!). Hoenn itself was exotic, with the rain route of Route 119 and the tall grasses and the sandy beaches and the snowy ashes of the northern Route to Fallarbor... it was beautiful. To me, it was beautiful... but the disappointing thing is the lack of some missed Kanto/Johto Pokes... but even then, the game itself wasn't TOO bad.

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I hate Hoenn, the only thing I liked that comes to mind is the Dive feature, where you could go underwater. I've stated this many times before, Hoenn to me was by far the worst region to me, mostly due to the feel. It felt awkward and was too... different. This is just my opinion.

We got that. You posted in every Hoenn related thread that you hate it. And that's what made it exiting (being different).

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I used to LOVE hoenn, but i restarted R/S/E so much, that i lost intresst



Johto is the NEW hoenn to me and (i bet)alot of people!:)



MAGIKARP is a load better than ASEUS!:creep::creep::creep::creep::creep:


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Yeah, there were so many awesome exotic places. I mean, you walk through a volcanic cave to get around a desert and then ash starts falling from the sky... O:

Everything was so fresh and improved q.q

Beside all that amazingness:

I also loved the new Pokemon...

I was so amazed when I found out there is a 3 staged Steel Pokemon <3, or a 3 staged psychic Q_Q and it had green "hair" <3...

More starters which have secondary types AAAAA =D Mudkip <3 p.q

New ghost lines =O

Dark getting used like a type for regular common Pokemon (already #10 Poochyena) =D

New Butterflys (I used too invent Caterpie-like Fakemon lines alot back then)

Crazy combinations like Water/Grass


And the sooo needed water Pokemon species like sharks, whales and seagulls


Also dragon not being exclusive too really strong Pokemon (Altaria =D)

Milotic o_________o O:

GOLEMS!!! So different, so fitting, so AAAAAAAAAAaaa

Latis q.q

Awesome. Period.

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Hoenn was a very interesting place to travel, but I felt as though the extremely exciting got boring after a while. See Hoenn to me seems like it could have been better had the developers decided not to throw in several types of locations into one game. Why would it be a good idea to throw in a desert one route away from an ash covered area next to a volcano? Why was Fortree mostly in trees when another part was on the ground? Why would a city inside a dormant volcano have an entrance leading from underwater? It was also unguarded after the reports that someone had stolen a submarine.

Also I felt that the amount of obstacles leading to places got really annoying. Thats like going up to a kid and showing it a lolipop and saying, "No, you can not have this!" Now I understand that that was to make people want to play the game to the end, but seriously. Off the top of my head I can think of five times (Norman's Gym, just north of Slateport when a team is blocking your way, the desert, Lavaridge Town, and Verdanturf Tunnel) when the game either said, "No, you can not go through right now." or "Ha-ha! You can not come through here, but you can have a very small look." There was even a time when it said both.

Now I am not saying I did not enjoy it, I am merely saying that the guys in the meeting making this was trying to make a puzzle with the strangest pieces.

As for the Pokémon I actually liked all of them. I especially liked the addition of abilities which added another element to battles.

Now on a side note why would someone make thread to have a good discussion on why Hoenn was a nice region and why you and others believe that and end with the comment that it was better than Sinnoh? Does that not seem a bit strange? Now I am hearing talk about how Sinnoh is not as good as Hoenn with absolutely no explanation in a thread attempting to explain your beliefs as to why Hoenn was good along with why you believe people did not like it. I am not saying that you should go and try to explain why, I am just saying that if you are going to mention something like that at least back it up with something.

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I like the Hoenn games more. And the Sinnoh region is not bad. The Pokemon there dont appeal to me much and the anime suffers being extremely childish in my opinion. I know it's a kid's show but come one. The pokemon started becoming too kindergarden like.(that is what I think of Sonnoh and makes me dislike it.) Ash started acting like a beginner again.(for obvious reasons.)

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I'll agree with what Pokedaemon said. And it's really cool. That whole region from Mauville and to its east was the beginning part of the game and crossing Mauville to the East is like a completely different part of the game. Realize how the route's music changes once you cross the water. You end up in the tropical area with the rain and all, while on the west it was filled with small beaches, caves, volcanoes, desert, ashes falling from the sky. I just love the exotic nature of Hoenn.

I don't recall ever saying I didn't like Sinnoh.

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Dancing Arceus. (what a revolting thought)

I actually liked the Hoenn ones.(Contests)

You know what's even worse?

Dancing Mewtwo (O.o)

Pokemon just died there.

Hoenn's contests were okay, I guess. I actually swept through every single contest with Feebas once and Unown too! (yes, seriously, UNOWN).

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