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  1. looking more doutful as time passes heared juts yesterday i thikn it was another massive earthquake hit now they are on tsunami watch!!
  2. i was wondering if i can please get a code for the special event shiny raikou,entei,suicine and ash's pikachu thanks alot for whoever sets me upw ith all 4 event pokemon!! ohh and i have diamong,pearl,platinum,heartgold, and soul silver!! im after the pokemon for all 5 titles thank you very much!!
  3. Can i please get a code for 1 shiny stone for soulsilver,heartgold tyvm for your time!!
  4. heres the code as you orginally posted it!! ::Mareep 94000130 FCFF0000 62111880 00000000 B2111880 00000000 E0000544 000000EC F1FB74F0 B3870000 3F3558DA FDF60B06 AD8295D2 29E0D8E4 DD3C4197 2876EB1B 9CBBEA04 992B5C8F 7A5E71B2 958239C3 733F6A5D A68E5D15 EE6A0A99 9DF42095 084E780B BACCEAC5 5236D2C8 71EBB710 869DD962 423AFD47 D906C906 A44A97DB E2D43F0F EA459529 6BFD98BC AAE90F6A 3A10501F 2FE07459 6DD71BF2 5E37DECE C461CA59 3E276172 4DD90752 E00A2C4A 035BCB0C A757764D 9DEB4437 0DA46872 583AD4FD 055E1BEB D6B13FB1 AC48D991 F90FC805 4DC14F0F 588B13EC A8267F5B 2EE37382 FADDB715 9082DA3F 966D5A94 001699E1 8B6C7747 31BF1FE7 DB9CE190 45869D0C BEDE98FC 973097F2 00000000 D2000000 00000000
  5. i did was just my starter jirachi and the event pokemon egg manaphy i think its called!!
  6. hmm the mareep code dont work at all press r/l like you said to nothing happens!!
  7. riolu i just used your mareep code and for some odd reason it gave me a jirachi lol!! oops i forgot to disable jirachi!!
  8. Can i get you to repost the complete updated code maybe i missed soething somewhere??
  9. argh tryed to load it again by unclicking then reclkcing it and its back to bad egg!!
  10. hmm i changed the line like you said and now the code dont work at all!! unless you change the axctivation bit??
  11. eaty got it working now wish i could get a working arcaes movie event code all the ones ive tryed just gives me a bad egg or dont work at all!! also would love a code that unlocks all pokewalker routes for heartgold got soul sil;ver one havent found heartgold version yet and does the max affection code work on heartgold also?? and is there a code like that for diamond,pearl, and platinum??
  12. how do i activate the max affection code doesnt list how to do so where it was given first page!!
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