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Greencat's Creation Thread


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Greencat's Creation Thread

I'm going to make just one thread so I don't have to keep making new threads each time I make something new. ;P Basically, I made this thread because sometimes I need the opinions of others, need ideas, want to post my creations and may need help/tips.

Note: This is not a request thread. Please do not ask for requests from me.


1. Send all Avatar requests here.

2. You may use the images found in "Renders/Recolorations" .

3. You must ask me for permission to use anything else.

4. Please be honest when rating. :)

5. Not a rule, but if you have any awesome signature tutorials, link me please. :D


Not really a render, but I found a Lugia outline and colored it in:



You have probably noticed this one around. Modified a Suicune for my good friend, SCV. :)


My First Render I have done using GIMP and done in 18 Minutes.


My Second Render using GIMP and done in 25 Minutes.


My Third Render using GIMP again. This one only took 12 minutes. I like this more.


Fourth render. I didn't bother so much removing the effects, but I hope you like and use it. Took about 12 minutes.


Another render. This one took about 5 minutes.


This one took some work and took about 18 minutes. I actually like this one. :)


Did this in 12 minutes.


Done in only 10 minutes. I was surprised this one got done fast. :o


Came out very very well IMO. My favorite. Done in PS.



Another that I really like. My second favorite. Done in PS.


A Minun splashing in water. :3 You can maybe use the splashed water for smudging?


















Style: I prefer a clean, simple style. Although, I do like it explosive and different in my signatures. :D

Favorite Color: Green. :P

Colors Preferred Often: I like using Green, Blue, Teal Turquoise, Navy Blue, Olive Green and vibrant colors.

Programed Used: GIMP.

Currently Using: Photoshop CS5 Extended.

Favorite Brush Type: Fractals and Grunge.

Edited by Greencat
Copying some stuff...

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You made those? O_O

Wow, those are really nice :)

That Scizor really looks like those plastic toys they sell for kids in stores.

Why don't you try the rest of the legendary beasts and Ho-oh?

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Yeah, but they aren't too good. I want to be able to manipulate light settings and Text better on GIMP. =/

The Scizor is from a TCG card. :P

Err, well right now I'm working on my Kyogre and help is welcomed. Maybe later I will, though.

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Which one do you think looks nicer?




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The middle one, the green shade makes it pop, and and it's a lot easier to read, then the others, also the shade of green blends in with the different kinds of blue very well.

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Aw yuck, are those tiny little hairs on the Strawberry, i don't think I'm eating them anymore,

and the other pictures look very beautiful although, i don't like the spider it creeps me out.

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Wow... I had no idea Metagross looked like that from the bottom! That looks like a genuine 3D rendering! You must be really good at this... and I still have no idea how to use GIMP >_<

These are really good... but where will you use them? :-/

Also, spider in the flower? O_O It would be beautiful if you had a bee taking out pollen from the flower or something...

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Thank you. Yeah, I don't know to be honest. I guess for other people to use. :P I like rendering. It adds more selection to what is available. I think I will do a another awesome Pokemon next.

I thought the spider was cute, but I think all spiders are cute (Except Black Widows and Brown Recluse). :P

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A few more added. Please comment:


My first attempt at a smudge sig. This was actually made for SCV's sig. :) I like this one a bit more, but I rate it a 6/10 on my list though.


I like this too, but I think I should've added another layer with something under the "Burned Lines" layer. But I still like it, especially the burned border. I give it a 7/10 though.

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Whoa! Those are awesome! I'm in the middle of recoloring your Metagross render to make it look shiny, its looking pretty good so far:D.

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