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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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Hey, been a silent viewer and tester of these patches from the start and just want to say well done to everyone on the progress made so far. Other than the obvious mistakes/bugs that you know about, it's very well done. Also works perfect on my setup.

I used the 'white with EXP' patch with a CyclosDS. Worked like a charm! In fact, the exp patch I was using previously wouldn't let me save very well. Your patch seems to make my game run flawlessly AND of course with extra English translations! Kudos! :D

Edit: Oh and keep up the good work. ;)

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Can anybody check this? I don't know if i've translated well...

0038 (lines from 4 to 12):

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Sanyou gym leader Koon-Poddo-Dento!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Shippou gym leader Aloe!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Hiun gym leader Artie!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Raimon gym leader Kamitsure!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Hodomoe gym leader Yaakon!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Fukiyose gym leader Fuuro!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Sekka gym leader Hachiku!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Souryuu gym leader Iris!!

Kanoko Town's trainer defeated Souryuu gym leader Shaga!

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Ah. I seem to be having some troubles. Started out translated just fine, then it went back to everything being in Japanese. I'm wondering if it's possible to get a percentage of how much is meant to be translated. If that makes sense?

Also, I can't seem to progress any further in the game. I get to the dream ruins, and then something about wifi and my game freezes. (I'm not actually really sure where the best place would be to ask about this. Please direct me elsewhere if it's inappropriate here)

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There needs to be some quality control on the translations. I tried out the patch with a new game and got as far as the 2nd city. There were so many basic grammar and spelling mistakes along with awkward translations and formatting errors. It was painful to read it. :(

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