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  1. Downloaded the new patch. Playing from the beginning. The battle text in the first battle with Cheren has a typo - relie should be rely. Also, after the battle, it still says "You was right" when it should be "You were right" When you talk to your mom outside of Prof Araragi's house, she says you will have many fun, which doesn't really make sense There was another typo somewhere, but I forgot where and what it was Also, the bit where you receive the pokedex (The line that actually says you got it) is in Japanese If you go back to talk to your mom, after learning how to catch pokemon, to get healed she is speaking Japanese Bel asks you if you've caught any pokemon, if you have and say yes, her response is in Japanese. So is what Cheren says. The live caster call is in Japanese When you've caught a pokemon, if it's pokedex entry is longer than one page (Minezumi, for example) it cuts off, and you can't read it all.
  2. Man, you guys post a lot, too. I'm going to be honest. I'm not even going to back read to see if I've missed anything. I'm a jerk like that. Also, I'm going to bed soon, so I'll just check out the new patch tomorrow.
  3. I feel like if I were doing all of the translating and all of the bug testing, I would get SO tired of it
  4. Hmm. That's a good point, isn't it? Do you really think you could have all of the gyms done by Sunday? That's a lot of work in not a lot of time! Don't burn yourself out! I'd give you some energy drinks, if I could lol
  5. Ahhh. You got me too! lol I was like "SWEET! So much progress!" and then you were like "Nope tricked you~" Jerk =P
  6. Oh, I meant to say that in one or two instances, I had to add a character or two to the lines, and I know there is a character limit, so I'm really hopeful nothing got broken in the process.
  7. Yep, the stuff I edited included the pokecenter stuff and I believe what might have been the first bit of Team Plasma talking. (And everything before that.)
  8. Thanks, Dash. I'll keep that in mind. (Although, to be fair to mediafire, I've been having difficulty uploading ANYTHING, including photos on THREE different sites =/ )
  9. I downloaded the text files and then my net dropped for a bit, so I took all of that time to go through them and fix a couple of typos. Uploading the file now, will edit with the link. /edit My apologies if this doesn't work. I had a hell of a time trying to upload anything... http://www.mediafire.com/?8nlc2qdi1id5j8x
  10. I never played roms when I was younger. I just took my gameboy EVERYWHERE. Although, I didn't play either of those two. I missed on a whole generation or two, originally. (Although, I did have a dream about finding a green Pokemon game in the park, like three years before Leaf Green came out) Anyway. Looking forward to proofreading the texts lol
  11. Ruinairas, you do the editing in a text file, am I right? If you'd like, I can give you one of my messenger contacts so you can send me the file to proofread. I love fixing typos lol (Also to get running shoes from the start would be nice, but you don't go that long without them, do you?)
  12. While the group is talking to your mother, Cheren says "I realy am" rather than really. (This may have been mentioned before)
  13. Right before you absolute very first battle, Bel says "Come one" instead of "Come on" And right after the fight, she says "worse then" and it should be "worse than" Cheren says "I'll better heal" when it should be "I better heal" After the second battle, Cheren says "You was right Belle", which has two problems. The grammar should be "You were right" but also, the name is inconsistent. Bel was used earlier. (As someone else said, these are just minor spelling issues. Feel free to ignore me)
  14. Ruinairas said maybe some time tonight, Red_Demon. SDODC13, yes, Ruinairas is translating the storyline, the things people say.
  15. I would love to see the storyline translated. Even with bad spelling, grammar or "engrish". Something is better than nothing. (And I'm willing to spell check anything. That's all I'm good for ^ ^;; )
  16. FinalMasterM Are you sure you used a clean rom? One with absolutely no patching done to it at all? Because what you're describing sounds like what happens to me when I go all blond and try to patch a pre-patched rom.
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