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  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to edit a save state, so that it will be able to be imported in a game with the same name, but from another region. More precisely, I am interested in importing a Japanese Pokemon Emerald save state to a US Emerald. Thank you in advance !
  2. Personally, I don't see anything illegal or immoral in this and it is definitely not something that would bother Nintendo at all. First, pokemon like Mew, Deoxys and Rayquaza are banned at most tournaments, since they are godlike either with perfect IVs or not. As for Latios/ Latias, that are tournament eligible, I could assure you that people would not be bothered at all about 3rd gen RNG, since they are obtainable in Gen IV, where RNGing is, theoretically, easier (it is really easy to find perfect IVs at low frames). If you could craft such a wondercard, it would be certainly interesting !
  3. After a quick google search :
  4. Impressive ! Could you make a save state around 50 -100.000 frames before you reach your frame, so we can have the option to get more flawless legendaries ? Actually there are cheat codes that enable re- battling in Emerald (I don't know if there are for FR/ LG though) . Another interesting fact is that there are codes to make you re-battle whichever lati@s you want in southern island .
  5. Status : Incomplete / In progress Edit 1 : Method 1 is complete (maybe in the future I will make small edits, like adding tips or a couple of additional examples) Edit 2 : Method H is complete (as stated above, future alterations are possible) Hello ! In this thread, I will try to show you how to RNG abuse in 3rd Gen (R/S/E/FR/LG) using an emulator. RNGing in emulators has many benefits, like save states, speed boosts, memory viewing and the ability to use lua scripts (which will be used very extensively in this tutorial). The guide will focus on 3 basic methods : Method 1 (for static, starter and gift pokemon), Method H (for wild pokemon encountered in tall grass, caves, while surfing/ fishing etc.) and the method to breed pokemon in Emerald. Regardless of the method you want to choose, there are certain tools you need to have : Other things to note : 1) Method 1 2) Wild Pokemon (Method H) 3) Pokemon Breeding RNG (Emerald focus only) I hope this guide will help you ! Pokemonstats lua script : There are instructions to use it on this site, apart from the dl link. You can also check these guides at reddit : EmuRNG Emerald stationary abuse : Emerald EmuRNG Breeding Abuse :
  6. I didn't know the OT name was so meaningful ! As for RNGing, I have to disappoint you, because with my machine, even running at 1000% speed, it will take me about a week to reach that frame unfortunately...
  7. I get it now... It seems I misread your comment and I understood other things. Well, the only problem now is that in order to reach frame 176 million, the emulator must run for days at full speed, which is pretty hard to accomplish.
  8. First, just to make sure : Is it on frame 67899 and with IVs 14 2 16 11 25 24 or 14 2 16 18 4 21 ? Secondly, would you like to aim just for the nature or for the IVs as well ? If that's the case, I have another combo (35967, 22120), which generates timid with IVs 17 14 1 5 17 20 on frame 8449 (which takes less time than the frame 67899). I have another question (not related to topic). Does the name Iwata has any relation to the airbrush brand Iwata ? Hahahahaha...
  9. The thing with Emerald RNG is that perfect IVs are found usually at insanely high frames (unless you breed eggs). To reach this frames (if you absolutely want to get that PID legitimately) you may have to leave the emulator to run at full speed for days. If you want this Pokemon for Sun & Moon, you can just ask to get it with the nature you want and then boost its IVs with Bottle Caps (for battling this is more than enough). However, I admit that I am really interested in perfect IV shiny PIDs generated at low frames, so if you find a tid/sid combination that makes this possible, please post it !
  10. Just a question : What RNG method did you use to get the PID ? Because with method 1 I don't get these results. (I guess you used genIV time finder which is incorrect). If you are sure that you have done it correctly could you post a screenshot of your RNG reporter window with these results ? Of course, it is obvious that I would like to help... Cheers !
  11. Exactly ! It is determined the moment you press A to end the dialogue in front of the TV.
  12. Hello ! You can check what's wrong by compairing to mine that I have attached to this post (pk4 format). As for the OT, it is obvious that if you catch it yourself, it has yours. Cheers ! edit: The first is from Pearl (40lv), the second from Platinum (50lv) 491 - DARKRAI - 5278DAD9E0CD.pk4 491 - DARKRAI - 49E2B87160FA.pk4
  13. Well, I don't blame them. There ought to be a legit way to get there without save editing and the fact that they never actually released the azure flute, makes people more eager to find another way.
  14. A friend of mine once told me that azure flute is obtainable in-game in Diamond & Pearl, if you say a certain saying to the man in Jubilife City that unlocks the mystery gift. Of course he never showed me any proof, as expected. Is there a way to find out for sure if the rumor is true ? Even though I don't think such claims are true, I still get intrigued to try to prove them wrong or even benefit from them, in case they are actually true... What do you people think ?
  15. Hello, I am quite fond of this feature and I find it very useful (re-battling legendaries is always nice if you look to trade or obtain a specific nature). Would it be possible to add this feature to the rest generations, since it is available on 6th and 7th ? Thank you !