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  1. Well, I don't blame them. There ought to be a legit way to get there without save editing and the fact that they never actually released the azure flute, makes people more eager to find another way.
  2. A friend of mine once told me that azure flute is obtainable in-game in Diamond & Pearl, if you say a certain saying to the man in Jubilife City that unlocks the mystery gift. Of course he never showed me any proof, as expected. Is there a way to find out for sure if the rumor is true ? Even though I don't think such claims are true, I still get intrigued to try to prove them wrong or even benefit from them, in case they are actually true... What do you people think ?
  3. Hello, I am quite fond of this feature and I find it very useful (re-battling legendaries is always nice if you look to trade or obtain a specific nature). Would it be possible to add this feature to the rest generations, since it is available on 6th and 7th ? Thank you !
  4. That's a shame. Thank you !
  5. Firstly, I would like to say a big "thank you" to the community for all of your impressive work in this thread ! I have just a small question : Is it possible for 10ANNIV and 10ANIV events to be shiny ?
  6. Hello, I am in a similar siuation with a Pokemon Y that is practically useless (bricked probably) and the Powersaves backups . I was about to start a new thread asking the same thing (how to decrypt without the keystream file), but since there is this thread, I decided to post here. So, has anyone found out any way to do it ?
  7. First of all, thank you both for the replies ! The thing is, I am not in need of such a save anymore, because at some point I just played the game myself to get at that point... Actually, I needed it back then in order to complete my Shiny Pokemon Emerald project, but it is complete since May. Thus, I would kindly request the moderators to lock this thread.
  8. Thank you Username12344 for pointing out the fact the file was missing and thank you wejhvabewjty for uploading it ! I edited my first post to include again the save file, just to make life easier for people that view this thread for the first time. Cheers !
  9. All' s well that ends well. Happy for you !
  10. If you touch them, they turn around. This is just my theory, but maybe this happens because you don't have the nat. pokedex yet, as I see from the picture of Bulbasaur. I find this weird, because I have many edited Pokemon in my own copy and this doesn't occur (I have unlocked the nat. pokedex however).
  11. I think these codes to turn money to SID are perfectly fine for this process (I used them a lot), also I don't have in mind an other AR code that can show the SID in other ways.
  12. Hello, you can catch a wild pokemon and then transfer it to Gen IV (make sure the Pokemon has your TID). Then you can check the TID and SID of the sent Pokemon with an Action Replay or with POkegen if you have access to the save file.
  13. Yes, this is why I mentioned it, just to give information to the author of the programme about these wallpapers if he is interested in including them in it.
  14. This wallpaper is one of the extra special wallpapers from Rustboro city with the secret phrase (in pokemon Emerald). If you are intersted, there is information here (look for Walda to find it instantly).