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  1. baumaffe

    PKHeX for Mac

    YES! Everything worked fine! Thank you so much! For others: You can expand the 14 Days Trial for CrossOver19 when you do this tutorial and you don't have to pay then
  2. baumaffe

    PKHeX for Mac

    So i have CrossOver19 now... does anybody know how to open pkhex with it?
  3. baumaffe

    PKHeX for Mac

    I’m just curious but will there one day a version for the newest Mac System?
  4. So it means I can create Pokemon in USUM and trade them from bank to home and I’m safe?
  5. baumaffe

    PKHeX for Mac

    Hello, I'm new to PKHex and wanted to try it out. I'm using a mac OS X El Capitan and downloaded Wine/Winebottler and the PKHex file from here... i did every step in the guide... after i run PKHex this Error message comes. Can someone help me please? EDIT: It opened after some seconds... thanks
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