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  1. Hey, since I updated my Mac I can't access PkHex anymore... I always get this message "Befehls-Fehlertext: Can't exec "/var/folders/r0/4zgh3k6j5q73vjxc6d95050w0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/AD855148-C082-4B7C-B26B-D8AEDD7A9850/d/CrossOver.app/Contents/SharedSupport/CrossOver/bin/wineloader": Bad CPU type in executable at /var/folders/r0/4zgh3k6j5q73vjxc6d95050w0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/AD855148-C082-4B7C-B26B-D8AEDD7A9850/d/CrossOver.app/Contents/SharedSupport/CrossOver/bin/cxstart line 1241. cxstart:error: unable to start '/var/folders/r0/4zgh3k6j5q73vjxc6d95050w0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/AD855148-C082-4B7C-B26B-D8AEDD7A9850/d/CrossOver.app/Contents/SharedSupport/CrossOver/bin/wineloader': Bad CPU type in executable" Can someone help me?
  2. Ah thank you! Damn that means I can’t use these Pokemon. My switch is not hacked and I’m only using the 3ds right now
  3. Another question. I can’t select my pkhex team (pkhex said legal) for the ranked battles. Is there a way to fix this? i traded them from my usum file to bank and home then sword. and could I get banned for this?
  4. Hello, i downloaded a usum save file from here and I’m wondering if there is a way to edit all Pokemon’s Trainer Name/ID which are in the save to my own? Before I’m starting to create/edit every Pokemon which would take hours I wanted to ask u guys.
  5. YES! Everything worked fine! Thank you so much! For others: You can expand the 14 Days Trial for CrossOver19 when you do this tutorial and you don't have to pay then
  6. So i have CrossOver19 now... does anybody know how to open pkhex with it?
  7. I’m just curious but will there one day a version for the newest Mac System?
  8. So it means I can create Pokemon in USUM and trade them from bank to home and I’m safe?
  9. Hello, I'm new to PKHex and wanted to try it out. I'm using a mac OS X El Capitan and downloaded Wine/Winebottler and the PKHex file from here... i did every step in the guide... after i run PKHex this Error message comes. Can someone help me please? EDIT: It opened after some seconds... thanks
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