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  1. How do I edit the Den Pokemon? Every time I try, It doesnt change. I can change the items though -_-
  2. No, its when we gen in PkHex, we can push it directly to the switch without the SD card in real time. I believe Aaron made a vid but I cant find it lol.
  3. I cannot seem to locate the PkHex live hexing tutorial. Can someone link me please and thank you
  4. $shiny makes them shiny. How can I make them ULTRA shiny? Edit: Found it
  5. Is there a way to load the entire Gen 8 files at once? Or do we have to do it one by one? Thank you
  6. Everyone CAN have the same tracker provided its ONE pokemon I've tested a Tracked Mewtwo on 5 Accounts and no issues.
  7. Thank you I used the search function and just couldn't locate it for the life of me. MUCH Appreciated!
  8. How do I utilize the batch editor to turn all my basic pokemon into eggs at once? Thank you
  9. I've tested it and it seems that players that join are kicked except me. Also It shows a pokeball LOL. How is he getting it to fully function?
  10. Well, I meant the net46 Folder. I lost my link to download it directly whenever there's an update lol. Isn't there an unmerged file for the newest update? I was using the Raid Plugin and Auto Legality checker lol
  11. There was an update so I lost access to some of my plugins. Where can I access the unmerged version so I can add my plugins back? Thank you
  12. Test it before commenting. There's no update for either the game nor PkHex needed for Gmax Tox. EDIT: Besides WILD Area News Update
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