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  1. Actually, its a lot more complex then that. Serebii says its 1% but its not. Its far more complex (I dont fully understand it) all I know its amazingly difficult to obtain and its one of the many pokemon that I want to strangle because they're so hard to get. SCV would best be able to explain the munchlax clause I believe.
  2. Oops sorry naru-chu must've had a mix up...hehe...I do love it you make breloom look so wonderful and your art is amazing!
  3. Uh...I did lower its stats. Is the base stat what you get when you add all the base stats together? If so then mikachu's stats now add up to 490...
  4. that's mikachu's ability and mikomo's ability Maichu's was kinetic might which does the same thing as mikachu's ability except boosts psychic. I'm thinking about making mikachu's ability between two kinetic might and power within. Michu should be speed boost.
  5. They are awful. Its supposed to be super fast. Possibly with a baton passing set like ninjask to pass on to mikomo (maichu's the special attack not physical oops) I think I'll keep it at 160 and then the stats stay...hopefully...
  6. You destroyed michu and mikachu! oh well...no one likes a hyped up rodent other then its creator I'm going to go change them.
  7. miracles although sometimes its debatable whether its luck or miracles. I believe in divine intervention.
  8. <p><p><p><p><p>no he's just helpful a lot</p></p></p></p></p>

  9. <p><p><p><p><p>no he's just helpful a lot</p></p></p></p></p>

  10. So then if it cant be a uber then what in the world is you point? By balanced what exactly are you suggesting? I mean I compared maichu's special attack stat with that of mewtwo's. That was a wrong move wasn't it. Any stat suggestions? Edit: I just realized when I copied and pasted the TMs I thought HMs were in it too..now it can learn HMs and less TMs.
  11. That's exactly what I did...now that I think about it I better go delete some of those TMs/HMs...I didn't really want to do those so I just copied and pasted a list. I added base stats for all evos and pre-evo. For your info I love an over powered aura mouse.
  12. Yeah I knew I would do something like that but of course...I didn't know how or when or...oh well me and my competitive battling skills. I really need to look at smogon's dictionary. Anyways I added all the moves to mikachu so is there any comment now? Also why is its best stat HP? Edit: @sparkdreamer... it doesn't have to be normal..uniqueness FTW I know for all pokemon in the evo line I was just thinking about making separate ones for each member. I guess I should go add the stats for all of them. *goes to edit post*
  13. It can still be a good counter for phazers.
  14. It is yet an interesting pokemon..I added the base stats to mikachu so is there any comment now towards her? The reason its 100% female is that there is a male counterpart species. I have my own little pokemon world... Edit: @at sparksdreamer or an element lead being that it learns all 4 element moves and explosion plus the barriers.
  15. oops missed that...hehe..anyways that means I have to add that to mikachu! Doesn't cirrain learn haze seem redundant and unnecessary? Also air cutter like twice and ominous wind twice as well? I can see that this pokemon might make a good lead for the element users being that it can know all the weather moves...plus light screen, reflect, and explosion. So if it held like a damp rock or something and went in as a rain lead then tried to set up reflect/screen if foe wasn't to much of a threat it could work like that. Or a counter for all those stat boosters. Perhaps negate the ninjask baton passers. Or lucario with swords dance. I dont really know but I bet lots of pokemon depend on stat boosters. Just to remember a certain warstory it could stop the calm minder cresselia.
  16. Good link sparkdreamer... Also...I think you forgot just one thing wraith...egg groups...please add egg groups as well to your post. My idea... Edit: @wraith89 your pokemon kind of sounds like an awesome castform I kind of want one of those of course mine sounds like pikachu and lucario except without pikachu's evilness. Edit: Added base stats Also I think instead of just including the evos and pre-evos slighter things I'll just make a whole new one for michu, maichu, and mikomo Edit: All the things should be there now...still have yet to add the pre evo's complete data along with various evos
  17. True it wouldn't follow the pattern... But of course just giving the helpful members badge kind of would. They are being helpful afterall. Lots of people enjoy the avatars and signatures made for them. I love my drifloon sig and breloom sig which are courtesy of narwhal and bear831 plus my wonderful drifloon avatar made by okami. People always seem to love the work made for them and if they dont then the artists fix it to their liking. They should get something for their hard work. (I'm not just saying that because I'm one of the artists)
  18. I'm such a moron I believed it was bug and fighting what's wrong with me? It is dragon and flying...just in case see it here
  19. This site was established in the USA right? If not then just disregard the post. I'm almost positive the site was established in the USA and therefore abides by there rules. Well, in the united states amendments or something like that you can not be punished for an act you committed before there was a law against that act. So in this case legally you are protected :tongue: but of course I doubt the fair administration of the site would infract you for something like that before there was a rule. I'd be shocked if you got infracted for it (I'd have to be too if they infracted you)
  20. I'll PM you then... anyways I do love your warstories I love the commentary especially the breloom one "Falcon Puunch!" it makes it fun to read. I also like it when it looks completely one sided but the underdogs win or come closer then ever thought before. Trick room team sounds like something hard to master but it sounds fun.
  21. Dragonite FTW Salamence looks weird to me. Plus dragonite is one of the few fully evolved pokemon that I believe looks cute.
  22. oh wraith, your sounding more and more like an over protective adult. seriously it could've been worse. Anyways..I had no idea about that sandstorm effect thing does that happen something like with rain sun hail is there a side effect for them? I know rain boosts water and weakens fire moves I know sun does the apposite of rain and I know hail buffets non ice type pokemon. Am I missing an effect?
  23. <p><p><p><p><p>*slaps head* the reason I couldn't vote because I wasn't logged on..hehe...I'm a moron. I voted now.</p></p></p></p></p>

  24. <p><p><p><p><p>*slaps head* the reason I couldn't vote because I wasn't logged on..hehe...I'm a moron. I voted now.</p></p></p></p></p>

  25. <p><p><p><p><p>yeah wraith for some reason I cant vote...I want too but...I cant it wont let me..my vote will go to dragonite...I think enkidu was pretty funny he chose salamence because you chose dragonite.</p></p></p></p></p>


    <p><p><p><p><p>I know, I get that kind of thing a lot. So in that case, no offense taken.</p></p></p></p></p>

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