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  1. Also got mines this morning before leaving for school. I've only seen Bronzors, maybe something else will appear in 1000-2000 steps......
  2. Just got it (in New York, ironically enough, is that right?)! Now to save that. Next, Arceus..... If they ever release it again.
  3. Got mine a few hours back. Now to keep it in the box for safekeeping till the 14th.....
  4. Well that's interesting info. Never knew that Mystery Gift would auto-activate itself. Thanks. Still. I got the Coal Badge and unlocked Mystery Gift, so I don't need to worry about that. Thanks!
  5. Sweet! I got Diamond yesterday! (Yeah, call that late). I'll just unlock Mystery Gift and go to the Gamestop a few blocks down tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. According to Serebii, they did, Lance of Team Rocket is apparently "Proton" in the English version. Weird.....
  7. Capcom probably wouldn't kill PUSA for using the name (Sayer from Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, anyone?) But hey, if they want a name change, I wouldn't mind. Still, the episode is in 6 days, so I doubt they could redub it.
  8. Lyra. Lyra. Seriously? It's a nice name, but it feels odd after knowing her as Kotone for the last few months. On the other hand, I see where they're coming from. Kotone, according to bulbapedia, means "sound of the harp", so Lyra makes enough sense. Also, when I think Lyra, I think "Megaman Star Force". Wonder why..... I remember now.
  9. Yeah, I need a huge tutorial for the Mac Version. I don't get how Python works or how to run the thing altogether. Help!!!!
  10. Man, I love these codes! Thanks!
  11. The mac version doesn't work, it just opens, then closes.
  12. I would like to request a code for: *A music modifier that alters the battle music, not the overworld music, *And a code for somehow giving the vs. Recorder the ability to record any battle, not just Wireless and Battle Frontier ones. And sorry if I didn't use the code box, didn't know how to activate it.
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