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    Shiny Pokemon

    this is where i post up shiny pokemon images
  2. i have also Researched that both Shiny Sogaleo and Shiny Lunala will be at level 60. Shiny Lunala Will have the movesets: Moongeist Beam Psyshock Moonblast Moonlight Shiny Sogaleo will have the Movesets: SunSteel Strike Zen headbutt Noble Roar Morning Sun
  3. i think this is meant to be 14 Sep 2019 to 27 Sep 2019 Just correcting the mistake you made @theSLAYER
  4. I have been good and welcome back to Projectpokemon i hope you are doing good i also joined 1 year ago so you might not know me. I have been upto just playing pokemon Mystery dungeon games both sky and darkness What have you been upto these days since you are not a big pokemon person
  5. Oh i see That makes sense well Thanks for telling me this i just wanted to inform you just in case if another person pointed out this as well. I am so sorry if i disrupted you.
  6. Wow that is So cool i never knew that you can get the Pokemon LGPE Sprites Like this Good Job Man I Love it I am very sorry @theSLAYER But i found some pikachu images that does not show up. Is there No spirits for these pokemon Yet.
  7. i do not get the .ini bit please help me on that can u show me a print screen or a tutorial on this please thank you
  8. i have a question to ask can i use pkhex on pokemon soul sliver while playing at an emulator called nocashgb and edit the save file. thank you
  9. Hey @Thanatos-Zero and welcome to Project Pokemon please feel welcome to ask any of the staff members if u need anything .
  10. @Knoxyz pm me Please. Please Help thank u  

    1. Knoxyz


      ayo what ya need help with

  11. i am very sorry if i did this in the wrong area i did not know where to put this post. anyways Nintendo has released a new firmware of on the 3ds. What is new to this version?? well Nintendo has made further improvements to the system stability and a few minor adjustments. Should Hombrew users update to this version? currently i personally think that you should not update to this firmware until further information comes out. Thank you for reading this information
  12. 1. go to your name PokePrincess then go to account settings then signature where u see a pencil sign then edit from there. @PokePrincess the 2nd question i do not the know what is a cover photo dimension 3. the third question if am answering it correctly (Please someone correct me if i am wrong) the stuff will look at your profile and then check if u have contributed to this site in a good way. and the 4th question i am guessing this one is that you have to get to a certain number of posts of certain number of member's total reputation to be actually called a member of the site.
  13. hello @theskipster how are u 

    1. theskipster


      Hey! Pretty good, how are you doing? Just to let you know I won’t have internet access for the next two weeks starting in a couple of hours, so if I don’t respond for a while that’s why. I’ll be happy to continue our conversation once I’m back though!

    2. theFlash899


      i am good thank u 

      starting Summer Holidays soon :) 

    3. theskipster


      Sounds good! Anything in particular you wanted to know from me?

  14. yea u can add the Babies to it too @borjitasstoi
  15. use PKHEX and get the tm Body Slam and then export your save file then got to your game then teach it to Persian
  16. please do Not Double Post @Gradster thank you
  17. what errors did u get by the way @Gradster try to get the tm Body slam and then go to your game and then teach it to Persian
  18. Persian can not learn body slam and that is why u are getting the error sign
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