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  1. nuuu , gen 7 dont die yet pls, i want all the 4 shiny tapu xD
  2. i wish game can trade online, i didnt find a group of ppl who play pokemon go in my city yet
  3. omg amazing i love suicune and now shiny
  4. can i use this in pokemon ultra moon?
  5. but she looks very cool colored
  6. i seen ppl using a colored magearna and i am wondering, is shiny? im very curious
  7. so i can catch this arceus from platinum with no problem? , i realy want that arceus hahahaha
  8. there is a way to add this picachu from omega ruby to my ultra moon? ?
  9. O: seem's easy i will try with JKSV, thankyou so much, i going to play so long today xD
  10. hi, how i add this video to my game to play against zeraora?
  11. i was the second then cuz i seen when he post first xD
  12. ty guys i kinda understand, i was with no idea what thats means but i see now why, some friends always try train some pokemon but they never teach me how :C
  13. Hello, Im new here, my name is Tiffany i want to say i love pokemon a lot !!
  14. hello im am new here and i want to understand what is ivs and evs some people use those words but i cant understand how works D: pls someone explain me about this <3
  15. hi, i have a question, my 3DS is US and my game ultramoon is US too, is legit to have a diferent region pokemon in my game?
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