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  1. oh cool im hype i cant wait to get new update and new mons hehe
  2. you can buy lets go and play pokemon go to get your own meltan and melmetal xD
  3. oh yeah zacian, zamazenta and eternatus don't have dynamax, probably the 3 have a interesting evolution / fusion as kyurem, nekrozma , dunno is just a idea, about regi and galar birdy, they are probably shiny locked xD, probably later we have shiny gift like gen 7 did at the end
  4. Version 1.0.0


    you can send this shiny virizion from pokebank to home and then to sword shield and will become square/ultra shiny...
  5. new content is always flag as illegal until pkhex update xD
  6. probably one of the regi is for each game, i am excited too, dlc release in 2 weeks Dx
  7. the pokeball is a accessorie like the pokewalker in gen 4 games, you can use the pokeball + in Let's GO, GO, Sword and Shield to take your mon for a walk and earn exp outside the game, you can catch palkia and dialga in pokemon platinum after 4 league when you find their orbs, they are waiting in spear of pillar, if they remake gen 4 games, they surely make the arceus event available as inside event, i dont thin'k would be called platinum, probably their remake are pearl and diamond with something because one point in the games is to trade, fight and collect mons so they probably make 2 games, manaphy was a special adition like mew with Let's GO, probably would have a special event inside game too, the dlc are upgrades for Sword Shield, is to don't experience the fabrication of the same game as black, white, black 2, white 2 / sun, moon, ultra sun, ultra moon, to make us buy the same game twice, as happenedbefore because didn't existed the way to add content in the older games, probably with sun moon but who knows, and for me crown thundra resemble a remake of gen 4, and that could be interesting...
  8. i see crown of thundra as part of DPPt remake, because the winter regional site, the regi lore and the calyrex looks like god, similar to arceus, somehow reminds me of platinum
  9. well isle of armor is comming then crown of thundra... they are the first dlc in pokemon games, so they probably add dlc.. dunno.. i think is very early to think about gen 9 xD
  10. hello, i decided to restart my ultra moon game and when tried use pokemon bank with my new savedata it say: 'you prevously used diferent copy of this game' 'please try again as Tiffany's game' 'Trainer ID No. ######' how i fix that ? can i use another game? i have ultra moon from eshop anyways thanks in advance xd
  11. i see, i hope some of my shiny mons in home become square when release. thanks
  12. the fateful encounter thing forces sword and shield to square shiny , but is posible to get a square shiny without fateful encounter? if is posible, is kinda hard for me to understand how get one non event mon with that xD lul
  13. is posible a shiny mon from ultra sun / ultra moon can be square shiny in sword / shield?
  14. Version 1.0.0


    this file include pokemon caught in ultrawormhole all shiny 100% legal caught by myself with beastball i hope* you enjoy them.....
  15. any gentle soul can trade me a meltan and melmetal pwease? if posible i want it with my name~~ Tiffany. thanks in advance~~~ Dx
  16. hello, i don't have a modified switch, have pokemon shield, missed few events, and want to know if anyone can trade eevee, pikachu and meowth with gigantamax please?, is all i need to complete all the 100% pokedex thanks in advance >.<
  17. it works i managed to send meltan and melmetal, all i did was to delete every pokemon from every box except meltan, and then i did the same but instead meltan i left melmetal on my second time, completed dex and got my red magearna gift!! thanks for the save and files
  18. erm, mew glitch from generation 1 games on virtual console is considered illegal?, i got one but dunno, if i send it to HOME can i get ban?
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