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  1. Could someone shoot me over a .pk8 file for the legal shiny Mew for Sword/Shield? I had one, did atleast 3 giveaways with it and must have never saved one for myself. I went through literally all my backup files, can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  2. Are there instructions on how to install this into the game within the file? Sorry I've never installed clothes before
  3. Hi, I hope this is the best place for this. I was using PkHex today (2.23.2020) on most recent version and PkHex tells me that Kanto Dugtrio can not learn Iron Head and refuses to allow it through the TR section under the Attacks tab. Serebii says it is an allowed move. If I'm doing something wrong, please advise. See attached screenshot.
  4. hmm ok. does this home tracker field play a part in online trades? I have a shiny Rowlet I was trying to trade today that wouldn't trade, but the home tracker on it is already all 0's
  5. is there a specific way to clear it? when I delete it and try to enter all 0's it only lets me add about 7 of them
  6. Hi, so I put that pack together from pk8 files from pokemon that were able to be traded to me, so in my mind they were all legal as far as trading across servers goes.
  7. Hi all, I put together a RAR file of the new transfer pokemon for those that can gen them into their save file. Most show as legal although a few of them are still flagged as illegal (Solgaleo, Lunala, Necrozma, the ones we know are still not valid online). Remember to use at your own risk. If anyone manages to make the illegal ones legal again, host up the pk8 file so I can grab it. Thanks and enjoy. (files illegal, wrong origin game and lcoations, removed)
  8. On Switch and smartphone apps, wondering when a PkHex update would come out with a legality update since all of mine still say the same error (incorrectly transferred). No rush to the dev team, just curious. Also, maybe we can get a .pk8 file swap thread going? Thanks!
  9. Has anyone heard this? I'm seeing in multiple outlets on Facebook and Twitter that they are now tradeable. True? Anyone have a legal pk8 file?
  10. I was going to say the same thing, PkHex flagging as illegal but I'll use. Thanks Slayer.
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