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  1. I keep getting an error, "Invalid: Only Alphas may have an Alpha Move set." Can someone tell me how to resolve this? Auto legality fixes it but also takes away the alpha status. Help? Edit: All set, this error is cleared on the 20220208 version of PkHex by marking the 'Alpha Mastered' field as (None).
  2. whenever PkHex might be updated for PLA, what is everyones first things you want to do? I want max money so I can get max space in my bag and sticky globs so I can catch all the alphas I find.
  3. I've been trying to generate these even using the same pokemon, PkHex (updated version) tells me it's legal, but the red error mark remains when I set it in the box. Can someone hook me up with the PB8 files for the three starters as shiny eggs? Please and thank you in advance.
  4. This was posted in another thread. Credit to ReignOfComputer. https://github.com/ReignOfComputer/RoCs-PC/tree/master/33 - Gen VIII - BDSP Collection/Save Data
  5. Hello! I've been trying to figure out the batch editor and how to convert my gen 1-4 pokemon in prior game saves to come out of PkHex as a .pb8 file for BDSP. Can someone help me understand how to do this please? I appreciate all the help.
  6. nevermind, got my answers through the discord. ty again.
  7. I heard that the galarian birds are shiny locked but I see them being traded all over facebook. Does anyone have pk8 files for the birds that are tradeable?
  8. Let me know if these work for you. 894 ★ - Regieleki - 250B4098B619.pk8 895 ★ - Regidrago - 043C4098B619.pk8 896 - Glastrier - 5D9D2387AD40.pk8 897 - Spectrier - A1E37F716FBD.pk8
  9. Clicking the star once will get you a regular shiny, holding down SHIFT and clicking the star will get you a square shiny.
  10. I thoroughly appreciate your efforts, but it would be SO much better to be able to download one file, maybe a zip file or your save.
  11. I found one, havent tried transferring to Home with it yet though but tyvm
  12. ok I as planning on doing that if push came to shove. but if pkhex says they're legal, they should go through without a problem, right?
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