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  1. nevermind, got my answers through the discord. ty again.
  2. I heard that the galarian birds are shiny locked but I see them being traded all over facebook. Does anyone have pk8 files for the birds that are tradeable?
  3. Let me know if these work for you. 894 ★ - Regieleki - 250B4098B619.pk8 895 ★ - Regidrago - 043C4098B619.pk8 896 - Glastrier - 5D9D2387AD40.pk8 897 - Spectrier - A1E37F716FBD.pk8
  4. Clicking the star once will get you a regular shiny, holding down SHIFT and clicking the star will get you a square shiny.
  5. I thoroughly appreciate your efforts, but it would be SO much better to be able to download one file, maybe a zip file or your save.
  6. I found one, havent tried transferring to Home with it yet though but tyvm
  7. ok I as planning on doing that if push came to shove. but if pkhex says they're legal, they should go through without a problem, right?
  8. Hello! So I'm having a problem trying to send a friend of mine a copy of my shiny living dex from my Bank, even though this has worked before. I upload the boxes of pokemon from Ultra Moon up to Bank and then we use a Moving Key from my Bank to his Home. However today we get an error message saying the move couldn't be completed. Is anyone aware of this error and why it is happening? Like I said, I've done this before with others, with the exact same pokemon from the exact same save file and it has worked flawlessly up until today. Help?
  9. richmFTW

    Diglett Search

    Just curious if PkHex was going to get updated to be able to mark all the Diglett as found the same way we had the Zygarde cells that you could mark as all located?
  10. So I recall back in the day playing Diablo II, when you would equip an item your stats would update live (ie, add a stronger shield and your defense would + while your speed would - because it was heavier). So maybe this type of update could be implemented into PkHex? I was thinking as in when you add an item like say an assault vest, the SpD does the calculation of x1.5 and the box turns say gold or something to signify that it is the actual stat after boosts? Just wanted to pass that along, might be something to play with in the future.
  11. Yes, there are facebook groups all over the place that have genners that use pkhex to generate the pokemon. Easiest way for them to help you is for you to fill out your request in smogon format.
  12. The download won't finalize for some reason. I've tried it on two computers. It keeps saying "network error" right at 100% completion but doesn't finalize. *shrugs*
  13. Does anyone have any pk8 files for the new Isle of Armor pokemon yet? Thanks!
  14. Hello. I just downloaded the HA Galar starter pk8 files and I noticed the current version of PkHex calls them invalid due to the HA. Is there an update coming soon to clear that?
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