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  1. idk if you read what I said but I'm adding the pokemon to the game BEFORE the adventure. its for someone else to play through. finally a response tho.
  2. Ok so, I bought a copy of Ultra Sun for my friends little boy. My goal is to use PkHex to essentially port all of the pokemon from my games PC to his (I have them all, pre-evoluteions, events, etc so no worry there) and then once I am done, to be able to use the Batch Editor to make them all list as if they were his so they will obey him. As far as I know, the TID and SId have to match. I also edited the OT name to his character as well. Am I missing anything? I'll list below what I have in the Batch Editor, maybe someone can tell me if I am missing anything in order to get ALL the pc pokemon to obey in battle, should he draw them out to use. My Batch Editor shows as: .SID=1626 .TID=036527 .PID=$shiny .OT_Name=Elijah Please advise if I am missing anything! Thanks in advance!!
  3. Can someone tell me, is there a way to change the TID on ALL the Pokemon in a save file at once? For example, I have loaded the .pk7 files of each pokemon into my PC storage in the order I wanted them saved and they are now in the save fle. My question is, in PkHex, can I edit all of them at once? Specifically to change their TID, SID and OT fields? If so, please leave instructions! Thanks!!!
  4. I uploaded this save with all pokemon translated to Englush and I can't find the post anymore to share to others. Was it taken down?
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