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  1. While some crash the editor if one tries to change PID, I would argue that up to Gen7 mons transferred to Gen8 they always display square shiny.
  2. HOME legality checks appear to be a bit flimsy
  3. How would that even work considering PkHex is used on PC and the game is played on switch?
  4. I'm glad that the Missing Home tracker doesn't fire up for mons caught in the game lol - a silly mistake on my part!
  5. Great, That takes care of most of my issues.
  6. Can I get new trackers by moving stuff back and forth from Home?
  7. That's pretty much what I want to do.
  8. What if I can't, due to having missed the event on a gen 7 console such as Giovanni's mewtwo and not having a Gen7 modded console?
  9. ok thanks. So please help me a little more: I've spent a bit of time now making mons from previous generations legal according to latest pkhex. Are they safe to transfer to HOME back and forth, or should I have tried to leave them in their original version (pk7, pk2 etc)?
  10. So, I'd appreciate a couple words about the "Home" tracker thing: a value of all 0s make it flag as illegal, if we select it like that. When would we actually need a HOME tracker value?
  11. OK, then I am confused: if that's the situation, how are people getting banned?
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