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  1. Ok then thanks for clarifying it, when I capture another pokemon look at the list and if it does not work with a certain slot I'll try another one, why did you write on the page that you can not use pids edited on the internet, as you distinguish one edited?
  2. I'm looking at what you went around but I do not see how that solves my question of why there's tailow 4 and next to tailow 5
  3. Oh, and how can I find a pid for taillow?
  4. ok .. have as I explain because my command of English is poor ... well you will not understand what the flag medals 1,2,3,4. What do they mean?
  5. and the problem that sighted pokemon are repeated in coloseum and xd?
  6. one of those xd problems I said in another post but it was not corrected in the update of pk hex
  7. on the up edited with pk hex, on the down edited with gcmtool 01-GC6P-pokemon_colosseum.gci 01-GC6P-pokemon_colosseum.gci
  8. help me, pokemon colseum espeon and umbreon illegales, pk hex , 5 ivs espeon and umbreon(-atack) nature espeon= timid,modest, umbreon=bold,modest,calm,timid 01-GC6P-pokemon_colosseum.gci
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