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  1. Hello, while using the spread finder for Gamecube RNG on RNG Reporter, I noticed that some spreads are marked with this wording: "Shiny skip(TSV: ...)", with a number after the colon. Does anyone know what this means and what is its usage? Thank you very much.
  2. We all know that TID/SID RNG is easily doable on the american ROM of Pokèmon XD, but is it also possible on the european version? I tried to perform it, but the PRNG does not advance at all, while I am at the naming screen: in fact, it remains stuck to the same frame, and, therefore, I always get the same TID/SID combination. This leads me to believe that this kind of RNG is actually impossible in the european version. Can someone confirm or disprove this, please? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  3. Reclaimer Shawn, thank you for your answer; but I would actually prefer to do it in a more legit way, as I feel that cheats and edits offer "the advantages of theft over honest toil".
  4. I understand. So, unless somebody else has better informations than us, I think we can safely conclude that seed manipulation(and, therefore, TID/SID manipulation) is currently impossible for Colosseum. For Pokemon hunting, as far as I know, it's just more luck-based than XD for the same reason(impossibility to determine the initial seed); actually, both the RTC and the initial seed are easily changeable in XD by using Dolphin's Dev mode, because they are related, while in Colosseum this is possible only for the former.
  5. Togamicalc is a tool included in RNG Reporter; it's called this way because it was developed by a guy whose nickname is Togami. It's called "GameCube RTC" in newer versions of RNG Reporter. I used it with XD too: it seems significantly easier than xdseed, and it's also useful when it comes to use RNG to catch Pokemons. I have to add that I would perform this RNG on emulator. Are you sure that with xdseed it is possible to obtain both TID and SID at the same time? In any case, it's impossible to predict the initial seed in Colosseum, right?
  6. Thanks, but, if I understand correctly, the guide only shows how to obtain a specific TID, not a specific pair of TID and SID. In order to get those, it would be necessary to determine the initial seed that the game generates when it is booted up; if you play XD, this is possible by using Togamicalc, but this tool apparently doesn't work with Colo as well, therefore making its initial seeds, as far as I know, unpredictable.
  7. Hello, I know that it's possible to use Pandora's Box to obtain, via RNG, a TID/SID pair that makes a particular PID shiny in Pokemon Colosseum, but I would like to ask if it's also possible to choose an arbitrary pair to get the same result, just as in Pokemon XD. For example, let's say that I would like to obtain the pair 00007/45728, which is definitely possible in Colo and XD; Pandora's box does not display this result; is there a way to get it via RNG? Or would I have to soft reset and rely on luck? Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. If I remember correctly, Eevee's PID is generated exactly seven frames after the frame for TID and SID. So, for example, if you have Eevee's TID and SID on frame 10000, you will have to use the PID(and IV spread) on frame 10007. I hope this was of some help.
  9. Anyone? @Kaphotics, maybe?
  10. Hi, I have caught, in Pokemon XD, a Lickitung in Realgam Tower, snagging it from Miror B., rather than from the Cipher guy; for some reason, it is marked as illegal. I have attached the file. Thank you very much for your attention. 108 - LICKITUNG - 39E94E0A289A.xk3
  11. There are two guides on Reddit: the first one is to manipulate the TID and SID; the second one is to actually catch your pokemon. These are the links: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonrng/comments/757m0y/colosseum_tidsid_rng_guide_emulator/ https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonrng/comments/7bgqcb/guide_colosseum_shinyflawless_rng_pokémon/ Enjoy!
  12. Sure, here it is. 245 ★ - SUICUNE - 49C78B1D95DC.pk4
  13. Hello, I plan to start a new game in Fire Red, and I'd like to "shinify" the PID 8B1D95DC in order to get a shiny Suicune with the spread 0/0/0/0/0/0; so, in other words, a Suicune that should be unaffected by the Roamer's glitch, just for the sake of it. However, after some test done with PKHeX, it turns out that such Suicune is marked as illegal, while other Method 1 Pokemons with that spread are legal. Apparently, the issue is an "Encounter type PID mismatch". Is it an error with PKHeX, or this Suicune is simply unobtainable? And, if this is the case, what's the reason? Thank you in advance for your help.
  14. Thanks to everyone for their answers! So, to sum it up, there's really no difference in the code of a pokemon obtained on emulators, and, therefore, no rational reason to use a gameboy instead; is it correct? Kaphotics, with reference to XD, I tried to obtain the aforementioned spread and PID, but a quite strange thing happened: that combination turned out to be unobtainable(so xdcheck was right), but, in turn, I obtained the same spread, only two frames before my target, but with a different PID, nature and gender; on the other hand, on the main window of RNG Reporter, my target had different IVs than those reported on Gamecube Time Finder. These were the results(my target is the third one): 801672 5CE24441 Docile 1 31 31 31 31 31 25 Dark 64 F M M F 801673 44419551 Adamant 1 25 31 31 23 12 12 Bug 43 F M M F 801674 9551A7C9 !!! Adamant 1 12 23 12 7 23 2 Electric 66 M M M M I really don't know what to think, though I'm sure I'm messing something up...