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    Pikachu PokéCenter Yokohama

    FireRed - Gen 3 In-Game Trade Compilation.savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (3).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (2).savFireRed - Gen 3 Event Compilation (1).sav here
  2. dji

    Pikachu PokéCenter Yokohama

    025 - ピカチュウ - 0BBC25879824.pk3
  3. 4 to 5 generation change the skills ?, in bulbapedia says that 3 to 4, but from 6 to 7 it seems that yes, had a beartic in the 6th generation with mantle niveo and when passing it to 7 change to snowplows (sorry if they do not understand the skills is that in my language they are not called the same)
  4. dji

    pichu event ilegal

    I am looking for legal pids that are the reverse method 1 which is the pid with which it is legal but I look for other pids but it does not work out legally
  5. dji

    pichu event ilegal

    the type of pid has disappeared ... why? 172 - PICHU - D882A5296BD8.pk3 and now ilegal 172 - PICHU - D88240FC92FF.pk3
  6. dji

    pichu event ilegal

    172 - タマゴ - 150696A470FE.pk3172 - タマゴ - 08FADF508FD0.pk3
  7. then in the next update, will you correct those pokemon?
  8. no, electabuzz suicune and snorlax with the previous version put them as legal but the latter gives them as illegal and I do not know why
  9. 125 - ELECTABUZZ - 8D2C66ABCB86.xk3245 - SUICUNE - 66BA8994A8D9.ck3143 - SNORLAX - 9F25C99DC542.xk3
  10. ok, I'll try with pokefinder if something comes up I notice
  11. I understand I will try to see what it would be when I go for feebas, and how do you know if they have edited the pid ?, and as far as this is concerned? I mean it already indicates male and female but 12.5% will not be interpreted etc
  12. Ok then thanks for clarifying it, when I capture another pokemon look at the list and if it does not work with a certain slot I'll try another one, why did you write on the page that you can not use pids edited on the internet, as you distinguish one edited?
  13. I'm looking at what you went around but I do not see how that solves my question of why there's tailow 4 and next to tailow 5
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