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  1. dji

    illegal espeon and umbreon

    I mean that in English it is legal and Spanish is illegal ...
  2. when I put pk hex in Spanish it comes out illegal and I don't know why ..
  3. dji


    Why is it illegal? In the previous version of pk hex it was legal ... I have not modified anything, I just passed it from pokemon ranger to soulsilver
  4. dji


    Hello, I have put pk hax but it does not let me change the ability, the only thing that lets change are the stats?
  5. I have a doubt, is that in the first city I chose croconaw and in the den I got quilava, but I made another game and I also chose croconaw and bayleef, someone knows if it is or is it random? I have looked at many places but it says that it is because of the pokemon that has an advantage over yours ...
  6. mmm ok it makes sense thanks for the explanation
  7. In the image on the left, only the pokemon with several ivs comes out, but in the one on the right, all the ivs come out, the question is why in some, all the ivs that a pokemon has and others do not
  8. dji

    raikou 3 generation

    someone knows how to look for wandering pids is that I am looking for adequate nature to pass them to sun and moon and give them badges
  9. ahh I'm looking for and on a page says that you can get if you have 3 consoles bone 2 for black and white and 1 for white or black 2
  10. have you got the 30 minutes, how do you get it in 1 hour?
  11. What have you done connecting black and white 1?
  12. that's the 6th generation I'm talking about the 5 bone the nexus area
  13. Does someone tell me how to get those powers that last so long?
  14. dji


    a question, is there any part of the pwt files in Spanish? I mean only those who left in Spain (2012 junior, senior, master)
  15. Do you think that 3ds pokemon that are not in the galar pokedex could never be transferred? Maybe there is an update or leave the rest for the remakes or the 3 edition ...
  16. dji

    castform illegal

    that's right
  17. if you have an emerald in Spanish and you go to France for example and they give you the ori-ticket the mysterious card you get in French or Spanish?
  18. I mean that for emerald was never made in Spain but in other countries if you could
  19. Hello I wanted to ask you a question, could the ori ticket be obtained in Spain in Emerald? is that according to the wikidex says that at that time was only for fire red and green leaf
  20. but according to I think this page is the only one to get those celebi therefore if they do not have the perfect ivs is that at the moment you can not get no?
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