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  1. It's like most things in life, in that it is whatever you make of it. It's easier than ever to go and find people to talk to and expand your world, but it's also easier than ever to decide "i will only ever interact with X group of people" and shut yourself off from the rest of the world. It's all about balancing it out.
  2. Found another shiny while messing with the battle test
  3. Re: demo shinies... I already posted this on /vp/ but I found this Hoothoot. It didn't sparkle when finding it or sending it out, but you can clearly see that it's different. I can provide save states if it helps any, I was using MyOldBoy.
  4. @Holla! I gotcha covered 548 - 치릴뿌잉 - 8A762BAD0405.pk5
  5. Oh man, you're right, using it as an Alolan form would have been perfect. And even if they wanted to get cute with it and keep it somewhat "hidden," they could have had that be the forme you get from US/UM's trade, no? You could breed for more after that.
  6. If you still need the Yancy/Curtis trades, I recently did them for myself and i don't mind contributing :3 Yancy+Curtis.rar